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Profile on Michael Ausiello

One of the most prominent television bloggers today is Michael Ausiello, founder and editor-in-chief of TVLINE (my go to site for all television news).  Ausiello, like me, grew up as a television junkie who could recite trivial entertainment facts off at the drop of a hat.   218 more words

Niles Goodsite: Great Work Ethic

In his long and award-winning career in the television industry, Niles Goodsite has often taken on multiple roles in ensuring television projects were successful. While he started out as stage manager, he has picked up other skills in the technical and administrative aspects of production, and along the way been utilized as a key assistant director. 192 more words

Niles Goodsite

Is the Curved Television the Next Step?

Samsung has recently put out the Curved UHD 4K, a television that has a curved screen to fully immerse viewers into what they are watching.  It is meant to create an IMAX-like screen for your very own living room.   262 more words

Infographics - New Journalism

As a woman who is currently hoping to pursue a career in the television industry, it is disheartening to learn that the percentage of women working in the field is very low and only getting lower. 317 more words