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Dancing with the Stars Week 3: Movie Night

Len is away and the guest judge is Kevin Hart.

The show is moving to only one night a week. Which means that they will say goodbye to one couple in tonight’s episode. 788 more words

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DWTS Week 5: The Switch up

Guest Judge this week is Jessie J.

Antonio switched it up with Allison and they did a Bollywood routine and it was alright, I thought they were out of sync at times. 331 more words

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DWST Week 4

DWTS Week 4:  The Stars reveal the most memorable years of their lives.

Len seams to be missing tonight again. Why? Any thoughts?

In tonight’s episode the audience at home can vote on line. 746 more words

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It's a Wrap

Colorado scenery is pretty spectacular.  It’s not surprising that many films have been made with Colorado as the backdrop.  The Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media is more than happy to assist filmmakers with locale.  384 more words

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Get a grown-up girlfriend, er, razor

Dear Dad,

I have just seen the most infuriating commercial. Maybe you’ve seen it too. It’s the the Gilette “First Girlfriend vs. First Real Girlfriend” ad. 342 more words


A sexist's chance in Hell(s Kitchen)

Dear Dad,

I just finished watching Hell’s Kitchen season 7. If you know anything about the show, you’ll realize it’s in season 13 now, but it’s free on Hulu, so whatever. 609 more words


Dancing with the Stars Week 2: The Results

Tonight’s special performances are Sia and Nico and Vinz.


The encore dance is between Lea and Artem and Janel and Val…Let’s see who the people want to see. 129 more words

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