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Breaking Bad

My housemates and I finished watching Breaking Bad about a month ago (I’m super tardy with this review).  With television shows there are two possibilities: being satisfied with the time that was invested into show or feeling that the show wasn’t fulfilling enough to warrant the time that was invested.   359 more words

Television Review

Person of Interest: Death Benefit

Spoilers ahead:

Did the Machine really give them a number that, if murdered, would eliminate a threat to its existence? To the existence of the team? 734 more words

Strange Reviews

What if it means I’m not the one?

I can’t tell if there’s a large segment of Angel fans out there who hated Spike’s addition this season or merely a very vocal small minority.   818 more words

Television Review

The Mindy Project "Be Cool"/"Girl Crush" Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: How Do I Know I Don't Wanna Be Jewish?

I usually watch “The Mindy Project” via On Demand because “Supernatural” is on at the same time, however thanks to the f*cktards at the CW and their horrific scheduling(not just that but my CW station has had “Supernatural” be interrupted by sports literally like every other episode), I’ve been able to watch “The Mindy Project” live two weeks in a row.  480 more words

You people must’ve trained with the heathens… come upon us unbeknownst

Three episodes in and we get a significant expansion to Deadwood’s already sprawling cast.  It’s yet another testament to the show’s superbly balanced ensemble that the arrival of the Bella Union crew still isn’t enough to make the series feel too crowded.   719 more words

Television Review

Sam takes Cali: Day 3

Today I learned that just about everything I thought I knew about Los Angeles is a downright lie, and I retract my comment on Day 2′s post… 500 more words


How I Met Your Mother TV Review: LAST FOREVER

The finite ending of How I Met Your Mother has been given to us, the audience, but was it an abject failure or a triumph? This question, although seemingly simple enough of a query, is much more difficult to answer than one might otherwise expect. 2,513 more words

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