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A Wanker's Literary Reaction: Smash

I came home from a night out a few weeks ago, drunk, suffering from what my social group colorfully refers to as the “drunchies”. On the way home, I had picked up a tactical loaf of bread, some cheese, and some delicious pickle. 534 more words

Television Review

What I watched this week 11

WiWtW 11




Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster

Remember Rachel Nichols in GI Joe? Clad in a one piece outfit full of hi-tech gadgetry? 980 more words


Television Review/Essay: Adapting Diana Gabaldon's Outlander for Television

Granted, I’ve only seen the first episode of the new Starz series, Outlander, so I’ve had limited access (critics get to pres-screen six episodes), but here are some initial thoughts on this… 1,705 more words

Game Of Thrones

Review of episode 1 of WGN's new series "MANH(A)TTAN"

I will start by admitting that the only reason I watched this episode of “Manhattan” is because it was free, and in an email I received from iTunes. 399 more words


Television Preview - The Driver starring David Morrissey, coming soon to BBC One (Spoiler free)

As we move through the summer months, we begin to look towards the autumn television schedule and one of the upcoming dramas coming to BBC One is the three-part drama The Driver, the first episode of which was screened tonight at BAFTA in London. 577 more words


Sherlock (BBC) - Happy 4th Anniversary to a British television triumph!

If we used the Doctor’s TARDIS and travelled back in time four years to 25 July 2010, we would find ourselves in a world in which the recognisable image of Sherlock Holmes was one of an older gentleman in Victorian London, driving through London in a Hackney cab through foggy streets. 551 more words


Television Nostalgia - Cosmopolitans and Manolos with the women of Sex and the City!

“Once upon a time on a small island not too far away, there lived four smart, beautiful women who were all very good friends.”

After looking at the shows currently covered by my Television Nostalgia posts I noticed another glaring omission of one of my favourite television series of the last 20 years and that’s Sex and the City (it’s hard to believe it’s already been a decade since it ended). 1,208 more words