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TV reviews: Hannibal, season 1 recap

I originally wrote the following as a sort of “preface” to my forthcoming reviews of the first three episodes of Hannibal’s second season. Since it’s nearly a thousand words long I thought it might work better as a standalone post. 1,095 more words

Bryan Fuller

FX's Fargo Premiere Review/MAJOR SPOILERS: There Are No Rules


Here’s a fun game idea, pick a celebrity(any will do, but they can’t be on this show), now go through the cast of “Fargo” and see how long it takes to get to that celebrity through IMDB or Wikipedia.  599 more words

Believe "Sinking" Review

There is something to be said when you can miss two episodes of a show and return without feeling that you missed any crucial plot developments.  1,365 more words

Television Reviews

“Here We Go Again, Don’tcha Know?” FARGO Episode 1 Review- 'The Crocodile’s Dilemma'

These opening paragraphs are safe from spoilers. A bright, blinking warning will arise before I do anything that will make any of you hate me. 2,525 more words


Mad Men: Time Zones

Following Don Draper’s shocking collapse in the Season 6 finale “In Care Of,” Don continues to be undone.  Instead of attempting to climb out of despair, Don spends the Season 7 premiere drowning in it.   887 more words


“The Gross, Pukey Green Wedding,” GAME OF THRONES Season 4 Episode 2 Review- ‘The Lion and the Rose’

This review is littered with spoilers that the Internet will probably have ruined for you by the time you eat breakfast on Monday morning. It is also written from the point of view of someone who has not read the books. 2,308 more words