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5 Spanish-language TV shows adapted in English

With the amount of Spanish and English speakers around the world, the television industry has made sure that TV hits have been re-made to cater to both. 552 more words


SUITS Poster

The project for this week was to make a design of a poster or an album art. Suits is one of my favourites, though I have yet to catch up on the new episodes, I have fond memories of watching it. 169 more words

RTA 103 Assignments/Projects


I know, everyone has done something about feminism, whether it be being Emma Watson and making a brilliant speech about it, or ignore it completely like a lot of people, or go against it, like some people who don’t seem to have any proper thought process. 798 more words


Together Again: Check Out A Clip From the "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" Series | A Different World

“A Different World” was definitely a positive influence when it came to living life and getting an education. The Bill Cosby ‘Cosby Show’ spinoff series was an awesome display of cool. 108 more words


Do Parents Put Too Much Pressure On Kids At Sporting Events?

Here’s another video from the TV show. Do Parents Put Too Much Pressure On Kids At Sporting Events? Watch and find out what we think. 60 more words

Connie Sellecca

Pop Culture Battle: Did Latinos do it better?

Growing up as a Hispanic-American, I couldn’t help but to get the best of both worlds –especially when it came to the entertainment biz.

I liked the heart-breaking music of Juan Gabriel, but at the same time, I enjoyed the smooth tunes of Michael Jackson.  397 more words