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25 Hours, 366 Days

Yes, I’m still alive. I know I haven’t posted in a couple weeks. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to…

So, I’ve been working hard on a kids television show called “Max and Wrigley.” I am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing production team and cannot wait to see the finished pilot in June. 388 more words

Who I Am

The representation of chronic illness on TV...

Welcome to the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge brought together by WEGO Health – a social network for all health activists.  Again, I am participating in the annual Writer’s Month Challenge in which I will be writing about my health activism and health condition based upon prompts given. 1,235 more words

Ask me to stay

Ask me to stay…

So yesterday was another production meeting; and I was supposed to submit my resignation, but instead was asked to stay and give him the opportunity to prove that he really is making something happen. 347 more words

Puerto Rico

Mad Men: You don't need to watch Season 7/8

I won’t bother writing about why you should watch Mad Men, it is critically acclaimed enough and has a diverse enough following that it doesn’t need your help to keep it going. 587 more words


KARA to hold reality show to choose two new members

In what seems like one last attempt to suck as much money out of the brand name as possible, KARA plans to hold  an “audtion-style documentary program” also known as a “reality TV show” in order to choose two new members to take the place of Nicole and Jiyoung in the group. 249 more words


6 Seasons in 7 Days

I’ve recently discovered the show Castle. They’ve been rerunning it on TNT after Bones reruns. I put off watching it for a long time, but I got involved in something and left it on TNT after Bones was done. 369 more words

What the HIMYM Finale Can Teach Us About Writing

I’ve been told a few times that I shouldn’t blog angry.

I’ve been sitting on this topic for a while, but I didn’t want to address it until my fury subsided. 414 more words