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OhKs #25 // And We're Back! (7-27-14)

After 5 months of vacation –  the Oh’s Knows Bros are back! They haven’t talked since the last podcast, and quickly get caught up and back to the nitty gritty. 44 more words


Comic -Con 2014 Highlights & Observations


This year’s Comic-Con didn’t have any big, surprise revelations that brought down the convention halls, like last year’s announcement of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. 868 more words

Punch-Drunk Love: Masters of Sex Moves Up a Weight Class

“There’s really not an interesting story here, Virginia, I promise you!” –Bill Masters

Is there anything better for a TV fan than discovering a brand-new great show? 882 more words

Veg Head Stir-fry and other random musings

A new (read: three-week-old) vegetarian eating STIR-FRY!?
Ohemgee, ANYONE on a health fix eating stir-fry?! Mind boggling. I know.

Does it help that I had the French Cafe station (via Pandora) at max volume? 475 more words

The Strain - Gone Smooth

It was creepy seeing Thomas’ transformation into his common appearance was eerie. Seeing him in his true state was a bit off setting. And his bit by bit additions that made him a real person was unsettling. 454 more words


TV Review: The Strain S1E3 Gone Smooth

The Strain‘s third episode really ups the creepy factor with the transformations of the individuals picking up, and their lust to feed growing stronger. 188 more words