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J'ai du bon tabac

You may know the traditional French song ‘J’ai du bon tabac’.

J’ai du bon tabac dans ma tabatière
J’ai du bon tabac, tu n’en auras pas.

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"What Football and Scandal Have in Common"

Like any other aspiring hipster, I read obscure blogs on the internet. Recently, I fell in love with Notes from the Broken Hearted.

The anonymous writer pours heart out for her followers to read. 116 more words


The Legend of Korra – The Coronation

There are definitely some spoilers in this review.

After two episodes that played catch up filling in a three-year jump in the story, “The Legend of Korra” got down to the issues at hand with “The Coronation.” In the Earth Kingdom, Prince Wu will be officially coronated as the leader. 445 more words

Lorenzo Phan

Writing is how I pay the bills, but my passion is beer pong.

The Queen of TV made the switch from behind the scenes to on screen last week.

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21 Reactions To America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21: Runway Challenge

I’m not even going to beat around the bush about this: I am a very happy camper. After this week’s episode of America’s Next Top Model… 1,312 more words


Why is the television yelling at me?

Have you ever noticed the television yelling at you? The ads scream at me to love whatever stuff they are selling but never give me the address of where I need to go to buy their stuff – pet peeve of advertising but sure to make it hard for me to add junk to my life. 295 more words