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I am not an Idiot: Celebrity Endorsements

Dear Capitol One (or any other advertiser),

I am NOT a idiot, though you keep insisting that I am.

Why you keep running ads with a celebrity endorsement that you had to pay too much money for? 311 more words


Longwood mansion in Natchez

Here I am on the front lawn of Longwood mansion, an antebellum home in Natchez that was never completed by its owners. Exterior shots of the home were also used as the Vampire King of Mississippi’s home on True Blood. 18 more words


On the Saturday Morning Sofa- Rise of the Planet of the Idiot Box

Okay, so its Friday night. You get a call from your friend saying that there’s this new film out called ‘Love and Scarves’. Its some touching rom-com about the quirky hipster adventures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (prince of men) and two lesbians. 1,265 more words


Television Challenge Wrap-Up: Writing

Yesterday was supposed to be the cut-off day for the Television Challenge. I’ve clocked in a total of eighteen hours of writing. Three hours short. 470 more words


First Post... Wait, what?

I don’t want this to be too obvious, but this is my first blog posting. At least to WordPress. Sure, like every other ‘hipster’ type of my generation, I have a Tumblr that I (used to) frequent. 263 more words


Justified Season 5, Louie Season 3

Justified Season 5

Justified is nothing if not consistent. It consistently provides some of the best stories on TV. Once again, we journey to Harlan county, although this time with the first detour to Florida since the first episode. 386 more words


ABC's Narration Obsession

Of the 18 shows ABC premiered this fall, 9 have been narrated. ABC leads CBS, FOX, NBC, and CW with the most narrated shows, whether by a character within the show or by a third-person narrator. 751 more words