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Tell Me...

September 11, 2014:

Tell me if there is any justice in all of this. Tell me this is all going to make sense some day. Tell me one day, I’ll find something better, stronger and this will all be worth it. 138 more words

Letters To The Long Gone

New Single: Alright - Andy Keetla

Just before I need to quiet Magic Music Magazine for some weeks, I had an Magic Music Moments with… Andy Keetla. Before the end of the year, it wil published, so stay tuned! 30 more words


Forever Is A Long, Long Time

When you share a lifetime with someone who loves to smile, forever is sometimes not long enough.


What do you want to read?

Really, what do you want to read? So that I can write what you guys want to read.

Please, comment and tell me so.

Thank you very much


Give me something to do!

I’m supposed to working on my memoirs called: My Brain Isn’t Small.

But I am too distracted staring into space, thinking about death.

Tell me something to do, and I will consider doing it. I am unadventurous after all.

Bird Lyfe

Tell Me - Giraffage

Oh man this song. Where to start? I’ll start with what made me love it, the bass that kicks in at 1:18, followed by the amazing melody. 22 more words


Tell Me

I will not be defined
by my body. See these
stretch marks, see
these scars, the way my body
has shaped itself–
the folds of skin… 79 more words