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Tell Me

Tell me what is beautiful

Or tell me what is not

Tell me how to do something

Or, at least, give me a shot

Tell me how to laugh… 107 more words

Day 155 - Tell Me (Part 4)

Tell me,
Speak loudly
Without bothering
To listen,
And I will meet
You silently with
The ghost of
Something you
Do not
My experience… 90 more words

Day 154 - Tell Me (Part 3)

Tell me
My ideas
Are rust-encrusted
And I will speak
Of a place
Where time hangs
On the movement
Of the sun,
Where logs of… 37 more words

Day 153 - Tell Me (Part 2)

Tell me
I grew up in
An uncultured place
And I will think of
Muddy dirt roads,
The smell of
Hanging between
Stunted spruce trees, 36 more words

Day 152 - Tell Me (Part 1)

Tell me
I don’t matter
And I will
Think of
The people I love,
Those who
Skipped before me,
The children
I helped
Raise and… 29 more words

Slightly undone

Tell me what’s in there.
I don’t know – your head. Your heart?
I weary myself trying to work you out, when I know it’s not even the slightest of your worries. 161 more words