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Taking a Chance- Hiring Successes in Retail Banking

Anyone in a managerial role has looked back in their career and thought about the hires they made that were great and that were horrible. Lately I have been thinking about some of those hires. 751 more words

Paper Fortune Giveaway

Sometimes it pays to be first!

I’ve received several requests for a FREE paper fortune teller like the one Vic gives Cyn in Chapter 11 of Undecided… but the first request was from Rebecca in California and because she was first, she gets the ORIGINAL paper fortune, featured in the Undecided book cover. 68 more words


What are Retail Banking Salary’s?

What are Retail Banking Salary’s?

Important Notes:

These are as of April 4, 2014 and are National Averages.

Please check out the following links below to see what it would be in your area. 134 more words

Skills needed for Retail Banking Positions

Skills needed for Retail Banking Positions

There are many sites out there that talk about the skills needed for retail banking positions. What frustrates me is that as a person who has worked and hired for over 16 years, most of them are correct, but many of those sites are not. 343 more words

Emile Hirsch and Miles Teller Busted Out the Chest Hair for Coachella

The ladies weren’t the only ones having fun in the sun during the first weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
Both Miles Teller and Emile Hirsch hit up the festival in their best tank tops, ready to show off that pesky chest hair that’s been hiding under those …

Spice Dealer ! / Fortune Teller .

A spice dealer can’t overhaul what time has spoiled.

A fortune teller cant predict his own destiny ,

Yet there are those who pay him for his trifle Quackery. 31 more words

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life

I can say ...

… But the thinker can’t tell its tale entirely as it’s always a step ahead or behind itself — a self out of step with itself, the teller splitting from the thinker and in the telling falling behind, or racing ahead, saying something seemingly without forethought and only later wondering at what came out of the mouth. 74 more words