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Conflicting feelings about a bunny

I had a strange, anxiety-ridden relationship with Easter this year, and I feel like I am maybe only now starting to sort out why I couldn’t jut embrace it as a fun, egg-and-candy-filled holiday. 1,122 more words

Telling Stories

Why We Tell Ourselves Stories

Every day of our lives, we tell ourselves stories. We seek to explain things, to know the reasons why, to somehow find a way to make sense of insane, swirling uncertainty that we exist in. 888 more words

The Perpetual Terror of Forgetting (or attempts at immortalizing my dog)

I always thought of stories as records, as ways of remembering our lives. And I thought it was our duty to tell them, a way to keep ourselves alive and thriving. 1,453 more words


Fictography #16 - Little French Market

/FICTOGRAPHY/ def. — The intersection of photography (submitted by readers) and fiction (written by me!).

Truthfully, this week I’m on a little bit of a hiatus. 913 more words


Telling Stories: With my weapon

Let’s kick this column off with a rhetorical question.  Why did Final Fantasy XIV and WildStar both tie character classes to iconic weapons?

You could say it’s for ease of itemization, or for transparency in play, but I think the real reason is much simpler: weapons say something.  1,118 more words


writing prompt 1

I’m starting to write a little bit everyday, and I’m using writing prompts from others and from myself to improve my writing and storytelling skills. When an idea pops in my head, I try to write a short blurb about it before the idea dissipates, so this blog will be where I keep track of my very short stories. 270 more words

Legally Minnesotan

Listen. I had every intention of keeping my California license plates for as long as possible, especially during the winter months when I was driving around like a terrified granny afraid of sliding off the highway in a fireball of doom. 618 more words

Telling Stories