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Telling Stories: Off the table

If you started roleplaying far enough back, you almost certainly started it with tabletop games.  Heck, that might still be where you do most of your roleplaying.  1,162 more words

Online Games

And There Goes The Drama Of The Light

PHOTOGRAPHY is all about the light and its dramatic sensitivity. We all know that photography derived from the Greek words phōtos and graphos, the light and representation of drawing, together meaning… 245 more words

Kind Of Happy Life

Cast away, she'd been

Something about that evening told her the world was simply at her fingertips. She could not believe it yet. How can you be so sure of something you’re so not sure of? 138 more words

Past Present Life

There's Something Cool About Slurping Taho

COMMON sight in the Philippine streets. A magtataho, (or street taho vendor) carries two large aluminum buckets that hang from each end of a yoke. The larger bucket carries the… 359 more words

Kind Of Happy Life

And There Was I, An Encounter With Munches & Burps.

7TH OF DECEMBER, the first Sunday of the Advent comes with its best celebrated from up above with all the angels in praises welcoming the newly baptized… 212 more words

Kind Of Happy Life

The human mind seems exquisitely tuned to understand and remember stories.”
Daniel Willingham, Why Don’t Students Like School, p. 66

One of my resolutions this term was to exploit the power of stories more.  

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Treat Me Like A Happy Boss

COME hell high water or up noon shine heat, amidst typhoon signals or delayed come storm, nothing really compares to a great foot massage after hours and hours of standing while engaging into another wedding photography session. 202 more words

Kind Of Happy Life