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10 Things I learned in Japan

I started this post on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto, continued it on the bullet train back, looked at it for an hour on our transatlantic flight home, and then spent the last four days in a jet-lagged stupor trying to pull my thoughts together on ANYTHING, much less such a monumental vacation. 2,108 more words

Telling Stories

Telling Stories: Thinking like a television with your characters

Playing my main character in Star Trek Online has been illuminating.  She had her own gig for several seasons, and it was interesting, watching her go from a fresh-faced Lieutenant to a Captain through sheer pluck and determination.  1,199 more words

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sensory apocalypse from the mail pouch

In my early teens, which were the Swaziland years, I read Sports Illustrated magazine regularly. It gave me some perspective of what was happening with sports back in the U.S. 343 more words



All I really know is that we were on the phone and he told me he was going to tell me a story, and I was happy because I knew in that moment he could have chosen to be on the phone with anyone but he picked me. 67 more words


Telling Stories: You're not that girl

Roleplaying is, in part, the act of getting into your character.  You kind of have to.  Like an actor stepping into a role, you become… 1,066 more words

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Simple Story Telling

Think about people you’ve known in your life. Possibly you had an uncle who always had a joke to tell. He was a simple story-teller. A grandmother who would tell you about your parents when they were young. 693 more words


Telling Stories: Being polite to roleplayers

So you don’t roleplay.  Maybe you did at one point but don’t any longer.  Maybe you never have and are curious, but are a little put off by what seems like arcane terminology and the looming threat of skeevy behavior.  1,073 more words

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