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Truth or Lie – What Do I Do When My Child Lies To Me?

Has your ever child lied to you? Honesty is important in all relationships. How can we encourage our children to tell the truth even in situations where they might get into trouble by being honest? 627 more words


A man's word.

April 16, 2014.

Today’s post will be a bit shorter but with a message that should not be taken lightly. Have you ever heard some one say “Back in my day, a man’s word actually meant something.”? 539 more words

Daily Devotions

So I think I should tell some of my story

This won’t be a pleasant post to read and tbh it’s not all that fun to write either, but it needs to be done, so that you have an idea of what I’ve been through, atleast in regards to sexual abuse as a child and my rape. 687 more words



When people ask me what I do (as in work) and I tell them, their response is always raised eyebrows and something along the lines of… 321 more words

Everyday Glamour

Truth is more important than modesty...or is it?

This post is inspired by Sara at Mum Turned Mom’s Prompt for this week which is the above quote (minus the three little words I added there!) by Roald Dahl. 589 more words

Thoughts On Life In General

It's Opposite Day!

I am writing today to admit that I have a problem. That is the first step to recovery, they say. Here is my issue: I say the opposite of what I mean whenever I’m feeling guilty. 636 more words


Looking with Eyes of Love.

Last night, we went to the grocery store to get supplies for our Mexican inspired dinner. As we waited in line, which seems to take longer than expected, we both were observing the people all around us, from cashiers to customers to baggers. 712 more words