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Tempeh Roundup

I love tempeh. It’s another vegan “protein” and, like tofu, it works great on Blue Plate Specials.

I buy¬†Barry’s Grown in Brooklyn Homemade Tempeh… 183 more words


Vegan Life: Day 1

As promised, I will talk about my life as a vegan during the 21-day challenge. I wanted to share it last night but I passed out so you’ll have 2 posts back to back! 357 more words

21 Day Vegan Challenge

Tempeh salad with grapefruit and orange.

Autum is coming and we need a lot of vitamic C to keep the germs away. Here is something nice. Warm salad! I love salad but my salad is never boring there is a lot of going on on my plate and I am trying to make sure is healthy. 93 more words

Vegetarian Dishes.

Tempeh and Green Beans

I had tempeh and green beans for dinner last night, and I will probably be having the same tonight! It was a tasty enough meal that I thought I should share it here. 135 more words


What's Cooking...

Next week’s menu:

  • Golden Glazed Potatoes – roasted with carrots, garlic, ginger and turmeric
  • New Delhi Tofu – Curried tofu in tomato-ginger sauce with black turnips…
  • 121 more words

Sneaky Ramen

The little packages of ramen noodles that people but for 33 cents are deceptive little creatures. The noodles are actually pretty good, but the spice packet is often loaded with sodium. 298 more words

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