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The Terrible Two's...Beginning At One

So my daughter may only be nineteen months old…but I believe it is safe to say that the “terrible two’s” have arrived. For anyone in need of birth control…this post will provide that. 521 more words


The one with the new kids

Second session for me started off with the incredible news that, yes, we would only be having five kids! The delight between my co and I was tangible, as we fist pumped out of the gymnasium with our new crew in tow. 561 more words


On Saying Yes (42)

Okay, this will be my last camp post for a while, but in honor of tomorrow being the last day of work, here are my final camp-related thoughts – for now, at least. 202 more words

There's "I'm Unhappy With My Hair" Mad, And Then There's "Throwing Salon Chairs" Mad

It is a customer’s right to express dissatisfaction with a paid service, but that right doesn’t extend to throwing, chucking and otherwise tossing anything you can get your hands on in an angry fit. 448 more words

How Do You Want to be Remembered?

When was the last time you got upset? Angry? Threw a tantrum? For most people, getting upset or angry about things is commonplace, but most have enough self control to not throw a tantrum. 734 more words

Henrik Stenson was so unhappy he snapped a golf club over his knee

Henrik Stenson quickly stole the attention at the British Open when he decided to take his frustration out on none other than his defenseless wedge. … 107 more words


Moving and more moving

My work zone (I am a Learning Center coordinator at a rural junior college) was moved two weeks ago. Ever since, I have been sweating, dragging furniture around, and hauling loads of office crap up and down stairs to deposit in the new or old zones. 14 more words

Temper Tantrums