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T is for Toddlers and Triolets

Two things to talk about today: toddlers and triolets. Toddlers because my sister has a two-year-old who was born with cancer (but is inspirational, as she participates in fundraisers such as the… 175 more words


Day 109: Miss Easter

I’m not proud of this post and in fact it makes me sad to think that it happened.  The day after my grandpa’s funeral I crashed.  149 more words

Emotions: Temper Tantrums and More


As an adult, when you feel like a good cry is needed, or you are upset and angry, would you like it if people came up to you and told you to stop feeling those emotions, it is ridiculous? 908 more words


One day E will come home from nursery with all the clothes and hair things I sent her in. Last weekend she left a coat and a vest there, this week a jumper. 580 more words


Discipline and Consequences – Sibling Squabbles

So, now we have established the difference between punishment and discipline let’s talk about discipline and consequences. Discipline is when we correct our child’s behaviour. It sometimes involves yelling (no one is perfect), timeouts or cool down time as I like to call them, taking privileges away or grounding our child from going outside or using electronics. 631 more words


All or nothing parenting

So I haven’t blogged in a while. I was thinking of stopping all together.  I’ve been struggling with the girl’s behavior, struggling with getting Arianna to sleep. 866 more words

An essay on losing it: why yelling and screaming is (thankfully) so rare.

A stranger yelled at my wife the other day in the park. She’d taken our terriers off leash and a pedestrian took offense. Apparently, this other woman didn’t just get mad, she was irate, letting loose a torrent of expletives. 587 more words