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Temper Tantrum Daily: My Food Is Too Hot

Have you ever stood in the grocery store with a 4 year old and asked them to pick out something they want to eat  for lunch as a treat for them actually behaving for once?   650 more words

Tales Of 3 Boys

A Toddler Who Never had Temper Tantrums May Not be So Great at Age Five

A Toddler Who Never had Temper Tantrums May Not be So Great at Age Five

For many children temper tantrums between the ages two and five have gradually declined in frequency and intensity. 681 more words

Temper Tantrum Daily: Lost Shoes

It is 7 a.m.  Do you know where your shoes are?

That is a daily question that is yelled in a rather frustrating manner at boy #2 who is reminded on a daily basis each evening to put his shoes in the coat closet by the front door with the other shoe members of the family.   626 more words

Tales Of 3 Boys

The Child Within

Have you ever come across the child within? And I don’t mean the child with its eyes full of wonder who is still able to see the novelty of each day. 375 more words


Low Moments II - The Police Saga

The same thing happened to me two years in a row on exactly the same day. September 19. Day before my birthday.

My firstborn was a screamer. 942 more words

Day 7: Temper Tantrums

Day 7 of 31 Days of Consistency & Children

“Mom I want a treat!”
“I will be good can I have a treat??”
“I want it now!!” 434 more words


Temper Tantrums

It’s hard, but after much practice, I don’t get upset when my toddler throws tantrums. Instead, I’d sit by her and get through it with her. 8 more words