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100 weeks and 2 days | 21 months today! Siblings {December}

Back in the summer, we went to a party.

There were lots of families there with their children and quite a few of them had attended the same NCT group and… 744 more words

Life With The Twinkles

Love and Tantrums

My poor love. 

Those are the last words I ever thought I would utter or type in this lifetime. After a long, tumultuous past things finally seem to be going right. 536 more words


When your child is just plain embarrassing!

My son is a year old now and I have always take him everywhere with me, but sometimes he can be so embarrassing and there is nothing I can do!! 216 more words

Embarrassing Kids

Hold My Heart

Today, I’m in recovery.  I’m healing with music and cooking. And not just healing my heart.  I must confess that I have not been taking care of my health — physical or mental the past couple of weeks and it caught up with me this week.   293 more words

From The Heart

Eye of a Storm

Over the past few months, we have been bombarded with the rage and reason of our little girl. She just turned three. She is attempting to be Master of Universe before she is fully potty trained. 173 more words

My Toddler Temper Tantrum

My little one who is now 17 months, is an expert already at throwing the all mighty toddler temper tantrum. Yes folks, she learned rather early and has been developing these skills every day since. 555 more words


feeling kind of seasick

**This was drafted Nov. 2 during a temper tantrum. I didn’t post then, but shall do so now.

As a mom and an educator, I have been diligent to read and discuss the temperaments of children especially during crucial times in their development. 587 more words