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Climate change is inevitable because the earth is always undergoing climatic change but proving global warming is still being scientifically debated because the overall temperature of the earth has been rather steady for years and when the change occurs it is measured in hundreds of a degree differences in temperature. 218 more words

Common Sense

Supercool: Surviving Winter in the Arctic

When it’s cold and snowy during the winter, many of us respond by staying inside and hiding underneath a pile of blankets.  But how do animals cope with the cold?   466 more words

September 16, 2014

One sure way to know that the weather is getting cooler: the nights are quieter. No crickets, no cicadas, no frogs. Nothing that goes chirp in the night (except smoke detectors in need of new batteries). 10 more words


Whatever the weather.

Knowing that it’s January- cold wet and dark- can make many of us throw out the idea of outdoor learning, before we have really weighted up the risks and benefits. 477 more words

Ideas For Making The Most Of The New Forest

Continuous monitoring of in vivo chlorophyll a fluorescence in Ulva rigida (Chlorophyta) submitted to different CO2, nutrient and temperature regimes

A Monitoring-PAM fluorometer with high temporal resolution (every 5 min) was used to assess the effects on photosynthesis in Ulva rigida (Chlorophyta) during exposure to 2 different CO2 conditions: current (‘LC’, 390 ppm), and the predicted level for the year 2100 (‘HC’, 700 ppm) in a crossed combination with 2 different daily pulsed nitrate concentrations (‘LN’, 5 µM and ‘HN’, 50 µM) and 2 temperature regimes (ambient and ambient +4°C). 248 more words


Breezy start.

A complex system of low pressure is beginning its journey through our area today. The wind speeds have already increased from those we encountered yesterday and the temperature will only reduce as the day passes. 204 more words