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How To Store Fresh Vegetables For Months … Without A Refrigerator

If gardeners find spring and summer to be about growing food, they find fall and winter to be more about storing food. The fall season brings bountiful harvest from your own garden as well as inexpensive prices from local… 810 more words


How To Heat Your Home With Manure And Trash – And Save Thousands

How would you like to produce your own biogas?

Biogas is produced by anaerobic bacteria (the kind that can only survive in the absence of oxygen) that break down organic material into methane and carbon dioxide, or “biogas.” Your stove, your gas heaters, and almost anything that is fueled by natural gas can be fueled by biogas. 1,029 more words


Last minute shopping

Today, being the last Saturday before Christmas, is traditionally the day that many go out to complete their Christmas shopping.  The good news if you are one of these people is that the risk of any rain is very low (less than 10%). 174 more words


Results - PROSorb - 6

Humidity Stabilizer

These are the sixth PROSorb test results. This review is the second review of a guitar and case that is inclusive of an acoustic Classical guitar. 894 more words


CET: Extreme records

Ever wondered how the CET extreme records are spread across the years since the start of the daily series back in 1772? Well, wonder no longer! 425 more words


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XMETMAN produces a time series of extreme in temperature for the entire CET series extremes in temp CET Englnad one of Bruce's observations quote "The first thing which amazes me is when I look at these charts is that there are still days at the beginning of both series that have never been exceeded!"

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References: Daniel V. Schroeder, An Introduction to Thermal Physics, (Addison-Wesley, 2000) – Problems 1.1 – 1.6

Although we’re all familiar with temperature, it’s quite difficult to give a precise definition of it. 801 more words


Results - PROSorb - 5

Humidity Stabilizer

These are the fifth PROSorb test results. This review is conducted for a guitar case that is inclusive of an acoustic Classical guitar (this custom guitar is newly built and still settling in; woods including Madagascar Rosewood and Cedar). 579 more words