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Following A Goddess

My grand mother, who died when my mother was but nineteen, and my youngest aunt a mere three,  was named after the  Goddess of Learning. Her name “Sarda” is also that of  the ancient writing script used for Sanskrit and Kashmiri. 842 more words

Khajuraho: Shiva & Parvati

The two main characters in this one act play are (I think) Shiva and Parvati, the deity parents of Lord Ganesh. The entire scene, including the ladies on the ends, are filled with imagery which I cannot decipher. 83 more words


391 Grace

Grace is a gift from God.  It cannot be merited.

Grace makes us temples of God.

God dwells in us; only sin can expel Him. 18 more words


Temple and Regulative Principle

God gave Moses a detailed blueprint for the tabernacle. The book of Exodus records God’s heavenly instructions and then nearly verbatim, records Moses carrying out those divine instructions on earth. 282 more words


Worshipping a frog:

It’s all a matter of faith to worship some god or a goddess but, as the faith knows no limitation, it could very well include some animal or a creature for the purpose. 211 more words


What Ordinances and Sacrifices Produce

“Ordinances and sacrifice” are companions that produce light and truth. Satan has knowledge of ordinances, but will not sacrifice. Many of us sacrifice, without knowing the ordinances, and are left empty. 1,036 more words

Light And Truth