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Breathless Moments in Bagan

The squeaking of the wheels on my bike was the only sound I could hear. The gently forming sweat behind my neck was cooled down by a gentle breeze that touched my face and blew my otherwise properly braided hair. 769 more words


Watch Temples In An Exclusive Bud Light Live At Lollapalooza Performance [Webcast]

Maximize your Lollapalooza experience with XRT. This weekend XRT will virtually become Lollapalooza Radio with music from the leading artists, backstage interviews with the biggest names and exclusive in-studio performances by the festival’s future headliners. 238 more words


EVERYTHING is an experience in Japan

After traveling around Japan for one month, I can tell you this -

EVERYTHING is an experience in Japan

I have been to 19 countries, but Japan… Japan is very… unique. 425 more words

Walking Teramachi

At the end of the 16th century, Toyotomi Hideyoshi reorganised Kyoto’s streets. During the earlier Heian era, there was a wide street in the east of the city, known as Higashikyogoku-oji. 1,038 more words



The bus terminal was packed with passengers – a bit chaotic – the moment my friend and I reached it from our guesthouse. Here, we boarded Phnom Penh Sorya Transportation which was scheduled to leave for Siem Reap at 7:00 am – their earliest. 1,332 more words


angkor bayon

The second temple we visited at Angkor was Bayon. It’s a few minutes away from Angkor Wat by tuk-tuk, or a bit longer for those brave souls among us who chose to ride a bike all the way from Siem Reap, and then in between all the temples in the blazing hot sun (you are better men than I). 148 more words