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Honduras: Copán Ruinas

Yesterday I had a quiet day in Copan catching up on washing, sleeping and eating. All in preparation for my history geek day today!

Copan Ruins are about a 1km walk outside the main town down a dusty hot road. 141 more words


Bhutan: Dream Life High in the Himalayas

1950s hope, floating in today’s sea of corruption and cynicism – that’s my impression of Bhutan. Surrounded by India and China, Bhutan makes my throat ache with the sincerity and risk of what they are trying to do.  2,374 more words


Mammal... Maha... Mali... Mamallapuram?

The Elders’ Village was a very nice, very peaceful place located between Pondicherry and Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu. It was very pretty. The people were very nice. 2,745 more words


Hampi. Onion pakora street food!

Hampi in Karnataka India is a small local village which is extremely popular with tourists. It’s not hard to see why, the endless temples and rock formations with a backdrop of a large river and banana trees makes it an extremely relaxing and idillic place to unwind when traveling through the less than calm country! 285 more words


Kyoto Temple Walk - Part 1

Kyoto is the former capital of Japan and known as the “City of Ten Thousand Shrines”. In actuality there are about 2000 temples and shrines in the city, but that is surely plenty for a two-day visit! 442 more words


The Temple of Unpopular Animals

We stopped for a moment and just stared, our mouths hanging open gormlessly. The giant prawns ignored us and stared resolutely ahead. I edged around one of them and took a fairly unsuccessful photo. 387 more words


Angkor What?! Cambodia and the temples of Angkor

Well, one of the 7 wonders of the Ancient world is just a couple of short plane rides away from Chiang Mai. Some friends came to visit us from the States so we all hopped a plane to Cambodia to check out Angkor Wat. 865 more words