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A little bit of Turkey

I have been able to get around on 3 different modes of public transportation plus the ever useful taxi. I have my new awesome PT card and a few routes down now. 267 more words


Why We Do Family History

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints it isn’t uncommon to hear people talking about their family history. People tell stories of their ancestors, attend family reunions, and the question “Were your ancestors pioneers?” is a common one. 454 more words

Never Stop Discovering New Bands

Hearing new music has always been a special kind of excitement for me. When I was a kid, I was happy listening to whatever my parents liked. 885 more words


Happy birthday Raveesh

I can’t trust everyone or anyone to wish me a happy birthday(yet a lot of you’ve already wished me.. thanks a lot)….. then again happiness is exactly what had been ripped apart from my life but yet I hope I’ll find happiness some day. 992 more words

Knowledge And Wisdom

Keelung Ghost Festival and launching lantern-ships on the sea

There was a huge parade, hours long, for the ghost festival season in Keelong – a port city on the northern end of Taiwan. An important harbour in the Japanese period, it was heavily bombed in WW2 but still, some fine old buildings remain.  92 more words


The Consciously Created Blueprint

The Consciously Created Blueprint

     We each have a blueprint, a design by which we live our lives. It’s typically something that was created long ago, unintentionally and erroneously, yet we accept it completely and often without question. 1,387 more words

Friday Blog

Things to do, eggs to lay.

I needed another six months in Tokyo at least. There’s so much to see and do, even if you’re not into museums. I AM into museums (not just because they’re air-conditioned but I barely scratched the surface and I was a committed museum-goer whilst I was in Japan. 417 more words

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