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December 6- The final countdown before the year ends!

Dear December,

I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the goals and tasks and time lacking, but somehow, this should motivate me instead of stressing me. 223 more words

Personal Development

November 29- On Tablets and Prince Charming

Hello dear November,

this was a wonderful day in Paris, sunny, it didn’t even feel cold! It was pleasant to walk around and enjoy the weekend rhythm of the city, with the streets becoming crowded from tourists and locals. 327 more words

Personal Development

Coffee at Present

This essay was originally written for Hali Felt’s “Art of the Essay” course at the University of Pittsburgh. It accompanied a time capsule containing coffee, jam, a paper label from a can of tomatoes, hair, magenta felt, a broken necklace, eggshells,  Julie’s address, Fire Brick lipstick, and a smaller-print version of this essay. 2,490 more words


Cantus Firmus

—time before flower and curious hands,
blood-music and ocean’s polyphony unbound,
the silence of sunlight, the astonished eye—

—time after parched breath and parched earth, 43 more words


TAG - Manchester

The timetable for this year’s TAG conference (Manchester) is now available. I will give a paper in the session “Assemblage and Archaeology” on Tuesday afternoon, December 16, 2014. 260 more words

Mayanist Studies

"Snapchat" as Simulacra, and the Invention of Morel

In 2011, Snapchat was developed, an application that claimed to restore the social aspect back to social media through its intense ephemerality, and a focus on the transmission of the image itself, rather than the extraneous textual and pictorial dialogue surrounding the original image (as seen in the “comment” form of Facebook and Instagram for example). 1,070 more words

Literary Review

November 23- Weekend update :-)

Hello November,

thanks for this beautiful weekend in Paris, we didn’t have so mild autumn days the last years, so we were out and about the city: in cafés, parks, shopping centers, bookstores, or simply, in the streets. 313 more words

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