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All forms of time suspended

“The hundreds of references to time were complementary, in that keeping track of the rhythms of the universe was another way of comprehending the interventions of the supernatural.

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Translation 15

Extrait de Somnambule dans Istanbul, Eric Faye, 2012, p. 15

Au fur et à mesure que je m’interrogeais, ce n’est pas une seule, mais une mosaïque d’identités qui se dessinait, un Gondwana personnel dont les pièces, assemblées, ne dessinaient pas un  308 more words


Space and time in three media

For fourth week of the Coursera on-line course  Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative the syllabus asks us to read the dictionary entries in the “ 9,845 more words

Digital Culture

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Thank you for transcribing the lectures and augmenting them with your video demonstrating how the camera controls allow the player to manipulate point of view, within limits, in a video game.

Architecture, love, and the reality of temporality

The real heroes anyway aren’t the people doing things; the real heroes are the people NOTICING things, paying attention.  The guy who invented the smallpox vaccine didn’t actually invent anything.  

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August 13- Love, friendship and what is in between (2)

Dear August,

As I rest for a few days at my parent’s home, between boredom, pleasure to see my family and high temperatures, I reflect on my recent experiences and try to make some sense. 273 more words


this Summer Evening

the moments that make up a life
are always in movement
ever fluid, constantly changing

and we know
the ripples in the pool
that are our lives… 60 more words

Original Poems

April 26 - my philosophy

Dear April,

Today I continued playing in a lower key: for the first part of the day, I planned a meeting with one of my best friends. 149 more words


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"My philosophy" as expressed at the first steps of my blog in April, in order for me to reflect of the time that has passed and the way it has evolved :-)