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Temporal aesthetics of urban places in Rotterdam

Temporal aesthetics of urban places in Rotterdam and the notion of place-temporality in the way it is defined through its experimential attributes.


What it is

What’s here and now is all.

It’s what it is, not was.

It’s been declared without a doubt

Requiring no because.



Paper proposal

Yesterday I submitted a proposal for a paper on the mediation of Architecture by photography for the Space and Place: Exploring Critical Issues conference at Oxford University in September: 296 more words


The past often seems
a sacred, rosy place that
taunts with images of
a better time. From a
thoughtful lair it threatens
incessantly to bloom… 87 more words

Happy Six Month-Aversary, New Liver!

March 26 marks the 6 month mark of the biggest day of my life (besides being born and giving birth), the day of my liver transplant. 564 more words


Why do people explore what we already know is there? Why climb mountains, why run marathons, why make records, why have children or start up entrepreneurial enterprises? 146 more words


Intersubjective Intentionality

In this blog, based upon my thesis, I have embarked on a phenomenological path which is a descriptive enterprise. It aims to clarify eidetically what is experienced, in particular to sketch out the structure of what is experienced as identity-sense, thus revealing, in the scrutiny of concrete acts of perception, the essence of identity itself. 1,878 more words