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Time is always running out

I got briefly obsessed last year by the observation that at a rate of one book a week between the ages of 5 and 80, it will only be possible to read 3,900 books in a lifetime. 1,199 more words

Memory and the Formation of Internal Time-Consciousness

Right now. I am writing this blog, cooking some chicken, and listening to music. For me though, now is a rather large amount of time, when I think of all my movements compiled into a ‘now’ point. 501 more words


Grant Petrey in Festival Miden 2014, Kalamata, Greece

UCA Farnham Fine Art tutor, Grant Petrey had work screening at Festival Miden 2014, Kalamata, Greece between 3rd – 5th July.


July 15- Update of the first two weeks

Hello July,

here you are, already in the middle, and I need to give you an update of what I have been up to, in case you were not reading my posts thoroughly ;-) 249 more words


July 13- Last day at the Art Exhibition: to experience and to win

Dear July,

today has been a day full of all sorts of experiences at the art exhibition: should I talk about my feet that hurt again, -and it’s partly my fault: high heels :-)- or the human contact with all these artists? 308 more words


Final Thoughts on Literary Time Consciousness

In lieu of Philosopher Fridays this week, I’m offering some concluding remarks of my thematic mini-series on Literary Time Consciousness. It’s been a lot of fun to focus my posts for the past few weeks, and I’ve learned a lot from writing through… 516 more words


July 7- Busy week

Dear July,

it has been quiet a busy day! I just finished an email, destined to the wannabe boss, who wanted to know what exactly I have been doing with my small budget. 296 more words