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October 21b- Empowerment and goals

Dear October,

what is the next right move? You might ask. Feeling good and getting a sense of direction. Actually I do. There is an idea that has been like a seed planted in my mind, and it starts growing. 220 more words

Personal Development

Mountain vs. Temporality

by Jed Pressgrove

Mountain has received a lot of attention and analysis due to the perception that it isn’t like other games. This hype underlines “mountain simulator” strangeness and only represents a half-truth. 940 more words

Song of the Week: 'Temporary Home' by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s ‘Temporary Home’ may be slightly sadder on the surface compared to most of my picks for Song of the Week, but I think this song carries such simple and powerful messages about life. 231 more words

Past Experiences~Present Ramifications

Good morning from San Francisco,

It is not quite 6:00 a.m. here in the Bay Area, but I am awake ( my internal clock is still three hours later and on East coast time. 1,512 more words

October 18- Plan without planning

Hello dear October,

I fell on this quote as I was looking for planning ideas and it seemed to answer my yesterday question: To Plan or not to Plan? 90 more words

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October 16b- To plan or not to plan?

Hi again October,

if I asked you: “should I plan the following day in advance every night”, what would you say? If I do, I might get stressed up with the possible scenarios, and feel overwhelmed with the actions to take. 280 more words

Personal Development

Today’s symposium - the nature of digital

Ed advised that we were going to explore how the nature of information has been changed by digital media is relevant to the creation of art. 320 more words