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Time Elapse

A collaborative poem between me and Syl65! Syl was one of the first poets I met here on WordPress and his love poems are particularly tender and never fail to impress. 135 more words


Poem 343 - Nihil Sine Te

Nihil Sine Te

Nothing without you

Oh universe, you, eternal one, looming over my work
With your infinite and unimaginable eternity,
Secure in the knowledge that all but you must end,

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Poem 341 - Incertita Horci

Incertita Horci

The hour of death is uncertain

This second could be my last, the black ink of my pen
Slide off the page, leaving this poem half-done,

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Poem 340 - Caduca Despice

Caduca Despice

Look down on a fallen thing

I am but dull matter, but I think of the sky,
The sky that has seen my ancestors’ eternity…

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Poem 338 - Ae Sterna Respice

Ae Sterna Respice

Look upon eternity

I obey the command – it is impossible for gods
To see all the worlds and stars without weeping…

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Poem 336 - Vita Fugitir

Vita Fugitir

Life is fleeting

If you wondered what, now I am grown old,
I reasoned was the lesson of my wanderings through time,
I’ll tell you – there’s no reason or rhyme to it,

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Så har den här bloggen haft ett år på sig. Från början var det ett skolprojekt, något att testa saker i. Veta hur en skaffar blogg, ändrar design och sökoptimerar. 255 more words

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