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Tempus fugit

Take a quick picture,

grabbing time, just one moment.

Next it’s gone for good.


To the G-Man - Friday Flash 55

Re Tempus Fu(Mr.G)it- (It’s Latin, so it’s okay!)

Why does time have to march
even in March?

Why can’t we keep the spring

Our hips stay… 87 more words


Sensaciones 1.0

Llevo un mes de cuatrimestre, arriba o abajo, y de lo único que me he dado cuenta es de que tengo poco tiempo y muchas cosas por hacer. 510 more words

♥ Step By Step ♥

Tempus Fugit

Character development throughout a television series is important to the story. It shows how the main characters handle the obstacles in their way, whether they rise above them or cave under them. 618 more words

Tempus Fugit: A Review of The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 12 "Still"

As I predicted in my sneak peek (read it here), tonight’s episode focused on the exploits of Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon. In fact, they were the only characters for the entire hour, allowing us to learn a whole lot more about arguably the most popular character on the show, as well as about Daryl. 3,037 more words