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Poem 340 - Caduca Despice

Caduca Despice

Look down on a fallen thing

I am but dull matter, but I think of the sky,
The sky that has seen my ancestors’ eternity…

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Poem 338 - Ae Sterna Respice

Ae Sterna Respice

Look upon eternity

I obey the command – it is impossible for gods
To see all the worlds and stars without weeping…

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Poem 336 - Vita Fugitir

Vita Fugitir

Life is fleeting

If you wondered what, now I am grown old,
I reasoned was the lesson of my wanderings through time,
I’ll tell you – there’s no reason or rhyme to it,

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Så har den här bloggen haft ett år på sig. Från början var det ett skolprojekt, något att testa saker i. Veta hur en skaffar blogg, ändrar design och sökoptimerar. 255 more words

Om Livet

Tempus Fugit

I wish that from your fleeting glance I could
undress your history thread by thread
hear the soft murmurs of your heart that keep you up at night… 41 more words


Today is the Day....Vive ut Vivas

Yesterday is a memory, and tomorrow is a dream – this moment is our only reality. Hurry it flies by so quickly into yesterday; we must not allow our time to go by unfulfilled. 196 more words


What's New on BRT2 Television 02/08/2014 - Erbil Arkin and Tempus Fugit

Television News from BRT2

Erbil Arkın and Tempus Fugit

By Can Gazi

This week on A Cup of Conversation, catch the chance to watch the repeat of my fascinating interview with Erbil Arkın. 340 more words