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Segregación Primordial: Visiones al límite del universo (2013)

Texto: Miguel Negrón

Enigmático es el nombre de esta interesante agrupación proveniente de tierras araucanas. Enigmático también es el título de su primer disco: Visiones al límite del universo… 520 more words


Back in Arica

So, I figured it was time for an update, it’s been a little while and a lot has happened. I went with a group to Carahue to do a pueblo study, visited Pucón (about an hour outside of Temuco), and spent a night in Santiago (kind of). 687 more words

More of the family

“I feel like a model getting ready to go to a photo shoot,” I said as Vale, Anto, and Flo circled around me, Flo styling my hair, Vale painting my nails one shade lighter than bubble gum pink, while Anto dabbed some fruity smelling lip gloss onto my lips. 2,431 more words


This week we have been in Temuco, which is like an hour by plane south if Santiago. It’s pretty, there are trees, and it has been raining on and off for the last three days (which I think is pretty darn cool). 406 more words