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8-30-14 (Wordsmith of the Week/The Phantom Tollbooth)

It’s that time again. Time to cast forth your votes, and determine who will reign as your new Wordsmith of the Week. The stories this time around were harsh, personal, even brutal — and so too must be your judgement. 35 more words



I have started using the Headspace app again, it is my second attempt! I think I try and improve my life by too many things at once, thus no habit is ever created or sustained. 142 more words

Wordforge 8-29-14 (Two Minutes to Midnight/The End)

Wordforge 8-29-14

SONG: “Two Minutes to Midnight” by Iron Maiden

THEME: The End

The ground shakes beneath the armored charge of legions, the sky above a churning chaos of thunderheads hurling fire at the earth and the battle-maddened armies that clashed below. 241 more words


Wordforge 8-28-14 (Raining Blood/Annihilation)

Wordforge 8-27-14

SONG: “Raining Blood” by Slayer

THEME: Annihilation

The cheap old wooden door to my office exploded inward. Dust and wooden splinters went flying. Abigail – and Esther, I suppose – screamed, flinging herself over my desk to go crashing into me. 772 more words


Wordforge 8-27-14 (Children of the Grave/Lesser Evils)

Wordforge 8-27-14

SONG: “Children of the Grave” by Black Sabbath

THEME: Lesser Evils

“Yes I’m sure and if you ask me one more time you won’t be breathing long enough to care anymore,” Sergeant Mattheson spits out each word as he storms across the room towards the doors. 406 more words


Wordforge 8-26-14 (Hostile/Outrage)

Wordforge 8-26-14

SONG: “Hostile” by Pantera

THEME: Outrage


Wordforge 8-25-14 (One/Sacrifice)

Wordforge 8-25-14

SONG: “One” by Metallica and the San Francisco Philharmonic

THEME: Sacrifice

The trick, Corporal Maddoc had learned, was not to look at the faces. 476 more words