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Wordforge 8-22-14 (Rocket Man/Freedom)

Wordforge 8-22-14

SONG: “Rocket Man” by Elton John, performed by Maynard James Keenan & the Flaming Lips

THEME: Freedom

Kreg breaks free of the clouds and unfurls his wings, stretching them full out, massive chrome-plated pinions spreading out, plasmic membranes catching the thermals and holding the meteoric dragon aloft. 194 more words


Wordforge 8-21-14 (After Dark/Longing)

Wordforge 8-21-14

SONG: “After Dark” by Tito & Tarantula

THEME: Longing

She had been watching him through the window for the last week. Every night as the sun went down Addie would creep her way out of her apartment window and onto the fire escape, where she would move to the old worn bricks of the building and crawl, head down like a lizard, to where she could see him. 282 more words


Wordforge 8-20-14 (Words as Weapons/Glory)

Wordforge 8-20-14

SONG: “Words as Weapons” by Seether

THEME: Glory

“We have to roll back, we can’t take much more of this!”

Corporal Hayes had been shouting since the bombardment began and hadn’t stopped, and Nia was surprised that he hadn’t passed out yet from it, the man could hardly catch his breath. 417 more words


Wordforge 8-19-14 (In a Lonely Place/Hopelessness)

Wordforge 8-19-14

SONG: “In a Lonely Place” by Bush 

THEME: Hopelessness 

The way the fog moved made Lenny think of something ancient and massive under the ocean, flowing in a subtle, inexorable dance. 410 more words


2014 Joy 11

2014 Joy 11

a simple adjustment, unbolt, realign, rebolt and put the wheel in the proper
groove, that’s what it took to fix the garage door – if I’d only known – but he did. 62 more words


haunted justwrite

Today I feel haunted by the way your bones folded
like wings under skin, no feathers, dimpled
and pink, a bird plucked naked, body
empty, eyes ever growing, your voice in the dark… 324 more words