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“Real courage is when you know you’re licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and see it through no matter what.”   Harper Lee


365 Grateful: 09.19.2014

So, we visit the new home site tonight, and the one thing I notice is this little stubborn patch of grass in a sea of red clay — baked red clay, by the way, because there’s been no real rain for a while. 63 more words


I cannot believe in...

I can not believe in the immortality of the soul…. No, all this talk of an existence for us, as individuals, beyond the grave is wrong. 22 more words


Tenacity, Focus, and Mini-Golf

When asked where I find my inspiration for my books, talks, and trainings, this is the first answer that comes to mind: Everywhere. It is the most accurate answer; understandably, it never satisfies the asker. 430 more words


Make Do and Mend

Make do and mend…it holds true for loved ones as well.

Do not wait for holes to develop.

Repair where you can.

Renovate where you can’t. 16 more words

when life disappoints: how to bounce back and win

Disappointments like losing a job interview, getting fired or getting dumped are so common but that doesn’t make them any less frustrating or painful. Especially after a series of losses, failed attempts or disappointments, it’s easy to get depressed or anxious; to wonder if things are ever going to work out right; and to want to give up. 814 more words

Inspiration & Motivation

Focus: Solving the Puzzle to YOUR Success

 She knows what it takes, she has missed the turnings too, and now she shares the secret to solve the jigsaw puzzle of success in life.. 462 more words