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Getting old is (not) for the birds

“Don’t grow old, Stacey.”  my father used to say to me.  “Getting old is for the birds!”

“There is only one other alternative, Dad.  And I don’t like the alternative.”  I used to respond. 480 more words

Cancer Journey

On Feeling Terrible and Trying to Write

So the past couple of days I’ve felt really exhausted and have pushed myself to keep writing. I’ve written a bunch of terrible stuff as a result. 150 more words


You still have your right hook

I love fight sports. It isn’t for everyone but since taking up kickboxing I recognise the skill and hard work necessary to be a champion. There are many parallels to life that you can take from professional fight sports. 198 more words


Another Day

I don’t write specifically about the symptoms our younger daughter has experienced over the years because it is her story to tell if and when she wants to share.  254 more words

Don't get lost in rabbit holes

I have an expression that I frequently use when managing staff – “don’t go down that rabbit hole”. I use it when I see someone about to engage in an activity that has no relevance to what they should be doing, isn’t part of our strategy or tactics, might be interesting but won’t be productive, can’t be easily measured or has the potential to take them off course. 440 more words

I Take Risks!


I Take Risks!
Can you say this?

Most people in North America would probably hum and haw a little if asked, and then hum and haw a little more if asked if they actually take risks for the things that should matter most to them? 2,179 more words

Message Series

Good Grit vs. Bad Grit

Reposted from Leadership Freak:

I’ve been the victim of bad grit. You have too. We’ve put our heads down, closed our minds, and plowed forward. In the process we hurt ourselves and others.  110 more words