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the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip.

When I looked up the definition of tenacity, I was surprised. 764 more words


Greatness Requires Tenacity! GOD has called you to Greatness–you are here to accomplish something great in the Earth. However, it will not be obtained without great adversity & opposition. 28 more words

Dr. Gerald T. Hightower


Beautiful Yasmine. Tenacious. Brave. Clever. Caring. Gentle.

I know my sweet that you are grateful but as I hugged you farewell and had a last dinner with your mum I had so much to celebrate. 417 more words


The scent of her perfume would linger on like lavender in a warm summer breeze. She boasted wide, smooth hips and an infectious laugh. She had the strength of an ox yet she was as gentle as a lamb. 640 more words


Seeking Inspiration -- Rasputin's Daughter

Intrigued is the word that best describes how I felt after discovering this photo. The moment I saw the face of Grigori Rasputin, my mind zipped back to 1978. 759 more words

Seeking Inspiration

Stop Kicking The Teeth

***edited for being insanely long***

I am a girl who finishes things.  I wasn’t always.  I was flighty and flaky and a little unreliable.  I was mercurial, changing, watery.  1,067 more words

Your Career Success is Waiting for You

I was meeting with an old friend today who is incredibly excited about the next step in his career. I have never seen him so certain about where he wants to be and where he can make a substantial contribution. 106 more words