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To give myself a little credit...

I am always willing to try again.

I regularly let myself down but I have noticed that since my major weight loss and minor bounce back, I really haven’t given up completely. 172 more words



The name Drona comes from the Sanskrit root dru “to melt”. Therefore, Drona implies “that which remains in a melted state”.

A thought or physical act once performed does not cease to be, but remains in the consciousness in a more subtle or “melted” form as an impression of that gross expression of thought or action. 418 more words


Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat

Last night, I was riding the subway and listening to music, something that’s become a daily routine of mine while living in Busan. Traveling to and from my many different teaching jobs, I easily spend a few hours on the subway each week. 631 more words


Charles T. Munger’s List of 25 Cognitive Biases and How to overcome them

Poor Charlie’s Almanack – The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger


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So this is about… 2,730 more words


Figuring out "That Place"

The holidays were hard on me. A lot of expected and unexpected emotions led to many tears. I really had anticipated my life being so different by the holidays in 2014 and was overwhelmed with disappointment. 728 more words



Hi everyone! I am proudly presenting my lifestyle blog. All related to fashion, arts and my crazy life … Stay tuned for updated information and posts. 35 more words


Wordy Wednesdays: Tendencies

Tendencya proneness to a particular kind of thought or action

Picture this:

A young guy who loves to talk goes to a party, there he meets a lovely girl who is very quiet and loves listening to people. 463 more words