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Study Raises Queries About Military Service Causing Chronic Suicidal Tendencies

Study Raises Questions About Military Service Causing Chronic Suicidal Tendencies

BOSTON — A new study commissioned by the U.S. Army has located that the mental overall health of soldiers is not as distinct from civilians as the researchers previously thought. 12 more words

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After the tendency list

I’m happy with the way that list of 10 personal tendencies turned out. (And I finally learned to spell tendency without an ‘a’.) OK, now that I’ve done all this personal reflection and mental organization, I’m MUCH, MUCH further along on quitting porn, right??? 402 more words


Conclusion to "10 tendencies"

** This was the largest and most detailed series I’ve ever attempted outside of work. (I’ve done some technical writing, IF you can’t tell.) Mostly I do the scale of what I call the “letter-writing” amount. 389 more words


October 18 - God and the Averages

Revelation 18; Isaiah 3-4; Psalm 109:1-19

People pay attention to averages and tendencies. A baseball player who hits .300 is generally a pretty good hitter because, on the average, he’ll get one or two hits a game for his team. 374 more words

Devotional Thoughts

What Are Your Bad Habits?

Bad habits, c’mon folks we all have them! If you’re unsure as to what a ‘bad-habit’ actually is it’s a negative behaviour pattern that we unconsciously tend to do. 287 more words


El estampado de la temporada... Labios/Lips

Para salir de lo siempre tradicional y clásico hay que dejar de ser cuadrado, romper esquemas, salir de los estándares y lanzarse. En fin, ser divertido. 77 more words


Como vestirse con un aire Italiano?

Siempre me pregunte porque los italianos visten tan bien y de una forma tan peculiar y única?                                                                                                               Pues tengo para decirles que es algo que definitivamente tienen en el DNA. 118 more words