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Down for the Count

All week long this song has been rolling through my head…

Monday my soul was definitely not inclined to be motionless. But peace did eventually prevail… 579 more words


Tendon in historical architecture (Minowa)

I went to Minowa that still have old street lined with houses built before the war with my friends.
“Yoshiwara” may be easier to understand. It is not exactly. 410 more words



Just received a really nice little article written by Jarrod Antflick and good friend and colleague Chris Myers!

They have been working with UTC and tendinopathies over the last eighteen months or so and have some really good data and thoughts on rehab now. 129 more words


Dealing with stubborn tendon problems

Treating and managing ‘tendon’ problems one of the most frustrating group of injuries I encounter, mainly because their recovery often has no time frame, it’s never linear, instead they tend to be a 2 steps forward one step back kind of problem. 771 more words

General Issues

Fast Forward

This is what the last few months was. I ran (ok walked in a cam boot) a Color Run right before the surgery. I figured it was my last hurrah. 27 more words

Kanpai, a new Japanese Resto in Kalibata City

Lebaran identik dengan makan di luar karena asisten rumah tangga mudik ke desa. Dan lebaran kali ini, aku nyobain salah satu resto baru di Kalibata City, tepatnya di tower Cendana. 222 more words

Flexor Tendon Lacerations

Flexor tendon injuries can be devastating, life-changing events. The flexor tendons are the ‘ropes’ that make your fingers move. If they get cut, it’s a very big problem. 29 more words