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30-Day-Shred Update and Why My Body Hates Me

Hey fellas!

Finally I found some spare time to keep you up to date! Yaaay!

On the 30-day-shred front I have to admit that I still haven’t finsihed the program :( 334 more words


My first blog post

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Achilles Tendon

Here is a leaflet as requested by a subscriber.

Achilles tendinopathy is a condition that causes pain, swelling, stiffness and weakness of the Achilles tendon that joins your heel bone to your calf muscles. 73 more words

My Health

Human Tendon

A tendon is a dense regular connective tissue which connects muscles to bones. It has an observable interstitial matri… read more


Five -- consultation

This doc was pleasant, if bloody busy.
He wore blue scrubs, had at least 3 bleeps on
and a black stethoscope, dangling loosely.
I’d say he was perhaps Middle-Eastern. 145 more words


Tendinopathy - by Sean Docking

Sean’s lecture covered the latest evidence related to tendinopathy injuries. In great detail he covered the pathology of tendinopathy, imaging modalities for tendons and the effect load has on tendinopathy injuries. 1,235 more words

Expert Lecture Review

Spring Loaded Tendon Trouble

As the weather starts to improve here in the West, naturally the population begins to come out of hibernation and starts making the most of our spectacular outdoors, re engaging in the array of recreational and sporting activities that are so readily available to us here. 465 more words