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Donald Rumsfeld On What Network And Said What? "......Trained Ape?"

The emergence of a past seemingly long forgot!

How many years and months was the US spared the inane and ridiculous appearances of former Bush Administration officials spewing pure drivel for ratings hungry media.  603 more words


'White House grammar fail'! Having health insurance is 'basic tenant of being a human' [video]

Yeah … that’s not a compliment.

This afternoon, the White House pimped a new video starring celebrities who haven’t signed up for Obamacare telling us to sign up for Obamacare. 542 more words

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Yikes...the big thaw...

Sorry I have been absent for a couple of days, but things around here have been quite hectic.  We have been having some warmer weather, and as a result the snow and ice has started to melt…this is a good thing…I think.  433 more words

Duendefest = zines??? Outoftown bands come2town!!

(collage from Nicholas Williams for zine)

HEy yo! Me and my friend Rob put together this awesome nonsense show called DUENDEFEST and it was really cool and I arranged all the music, he arranged all the other stuff. 259 more words