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A little town called Lynchburg and the story of Jack Daniel

When Troy and I began our US road trip over a month ago, I had a fairly good idea which cities and towns we would be visiting. 464 more words

Obligatory April Fool's Day Whisky Blog Post.

Despite knowing that a number of humorless curmudgeons find this kind of thing annoying, I’ve always enjoyed concocting some cockamamie story about some preposterous whisky-related something or other for April Fool’s Day. 915 more words


As whiskey market consolidates, a skirmish in Tennessee

The bourbon bubble continues to expand, and a handful of multinationals strengthens its collective grip on the whiskey market.

FORTUNE — Happy International Whiskey Day… 571 more words

Smells Like Mean Spirits: Tennessee's Crony Whiskey Laws

Adult beverage fans are undoubtedly aware of the craft brewing and distilling revivals that swept the U.S. in recent years. The craft movement is understandably popular since it provides an influx of options at the intersection of quality and economical. 740 more words


Tennessee Won't Redefine Whiskey This Year

An effort to rewrite a Tennessee law that defines the state’s whiskey based largely off Jack Daniel’s decades-old processes failed in the state senate Tuesday, despite being championed by a rival spirits producer. 279 more words

Whiskey: The Story of Jameson, Johnnie and Jack


Many people never get the chance to enjoy good whiskey, tending to indulge in order to get wasted instead of enjoying its craftsmanship and brand progressiveness over the years. 716 more words

The City

Jack Daniel's In Fight Over What It Takes To Earn The Tennessee Whiskey Name

For whiskey to call itself “Tennessee whiskey,” it’s not like booze can just sit around in the state and slap a label on touting its heritage. 589 more words