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Hello everyone! Since beginning this little blog I’ve noticed that many people come to my site looking for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof monologues. Well I’m nothing if not a giving person! 602 more words

Dramatic Monologues

Happy endings? The difference between American and English writers.

Always being a little bit unsatisfied. That’s very British.

Perhaps a little over emotional. It’s so American.

Are the stereotypical domineers of their people manifested in difference between the work produce either side of the pond? 354 more words

I suppose the worst part of being buried under the ground is not being able to breathe. Only I don’t  suppose you’ve ever had that feeling–not being able to catch your breath.

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Classic Film

Tennessee Williams and Psychoanalyst

Newspaper reports in 1961 announced that Williams had decided not to attend any further sessions with his psychoanalyst.

Asked the reason for this decision, the playwright replied, “He was meddling too much in my private life.”


Pla(y)ne rides

So I just rode an airplane by myself for the first time. I mean I’ve been on countless debate trips  without my parents, but I was with at least 10 of my friends and I flew to New York once to visit a friend and I flew with another girl, which was kind of like flying by myself. 599 more words

'Ah, the mythic South.' Review:Frances Mayes, Under Magnolia.

Under Magnolia.

Frances Mayes

‘ Ah, the mythic South, the only swath of America not strangled by the deadly literal mind.’Frances Mayes.

Once, in another lifetime, a man I loved asked me to live with him in Tuscany. 541 more words