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Getting active

Sarah: A few days ago, I wrote a post on the peculiarities of verb tenses and personal pronouns in writing about science. I should have prefaced the article with the disclaimer that I have not actually published anything in the pure sciences for many years. 483 more words



The Song of Madness screams in my ears

The boredom burns me down to the bone

I sit there surrounded by people

Empty headed clowns on their phones… 84 more words

It was written. I write. She wrote.

Sarah: Classically-trained scientists communicate in a very particular way. When writing articles for professional publications they are taught to always remove any sense of ‘personhood’ from their descriptions of how experiments are conducted, and the passive tense is usually applied. 446 more words


Day #2.7.2

Lesson 12 (Part I)

  • The 4 different types of Japanese endings in sentences

 1. Sentences that end with verbs

These sentences end with ‘ます | masu’, for example  あした テストが あります。| I have a test tomorrow. 74 more words


The Tension of Tense and Naughty Narrators

Tense. It has several meanings. Right now it is the pressure in my shoulders. Sometimes it’s that feeling that hangs in the air and lets you know that something is about to happen. 738 more words


I killed my mother review


I killed my mother is a very thought provoking French/Canadian coming of age drama directed by Xavier Dolan who also stars in the film as Hubert Minel and he gives an impeccable performance. 920 more words