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Man Barricaded Inside Of Home

Las Vegas, NV–Very tense moments for some people living on the eastside of the valley. A man has barricaded himself inside of a residence in the 5600 block of Blue Sea Street near North Christy Lane and East Charleston Boulevard on the east side of the valley. 79 more words


Choosing your Tense and Point-of-View

The point-of-view of your story and the tense it’s written in has a huge impact on the structure of your novel and feel of narration. Done well, your POV and tense will work seamlessly together to create an engaging tale and believable characters. 2,396 more words


The friendship contract

I’m currently staring in the face of a guy I once knew but no longer know as well as I did before and the air is so awkward. 321 more words



The recent Air Asia plane crash has done nothing for my fear of flying. It has, in fact, only cemented in my mind the possibility that any plane, at any time, could crash into a fiery mass. 679 more words

Personal Growth

Still Here

The rhythmic low beeping of a machine lures my consciousness from its hibernation. I can also hear what sounds like a small bellows breathing life into a small fire. 2,010 more words


Wrong Turn

The Southbank at dusk was a magical sight. Twinkling lights on trees lining the Thames like stars descending from the inky night sky, the London Eye drawing the crowds with its luminous blue hue monopolising the skyline. 1,005 more words