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Verb-Verb Agreement

The dog walks, sniffs, and barks.

The dog walked, sniffed, and barked. 840 more words


Shifts in Verb Tense (2 Points)

Parts Of Speech

How interchangeably can simple past and past perfect be used in a novel?

Answer by Mike Mendis:

They cannot, in fact, be used interchangeably. The simple past is used to record what happens in the novel’s “present time,” that is, the time at which the current events in the novel are taking place. 178 more words


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How do you know which tense and viewpoint to use?

Before you start working on a writing project, be it a short story or a novel, you need to decide which tense you’re going to write in and whose point of view the story will be told from. 498 more words


Tense Issues

I try not to bitch too much on here. I would rather keep things positive, but I do want this blog to be helpful. I don’t write a lot about politics, religion or deeply controversial issues, because I don’t really care to argue with walls. 1,172 more words

Irregular Past Tense (2 Points)