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Jellyfish: The Truth

Jellyfish Lake

Photograph by David Doubilet, National Geographic Creative

Beauty and agony often go hand in hand when it comes to jellyfish. However, in celebration of Jellyfish Day, we’re offering up a sting-free series of jellyfish images straight from the… 242 more words


Don't Starve: Stay Out of the Swamp in Winter!

My expedition with Wickerbottom came to an abrupt end on the 61st day as I bravely ventured out farther into the harsh wilderness that was my world. 165 more words


Do Not Enter if Seal is Broken

Just a quick ninja caption. I usually pick a set of 10-20 images and then type them all in the same week. This one looked good when I added it to the pile but when it came to writing something it took me an outrageously long time. 13 more words



Merry Yuletide everyone!

I think I don’t need to point out that celebrations around the 20th to 25th of December long predate Christianity, seeing as the Winter Solstice, the Long Night, occurs (usually) on the 21st. 154 more words


Good Morning, Cthulhu!


And we’re back with some sanity-killing artwork of Cthulhu. Rise and shine sleeping gargantuan monster!

Polychromos Coloured Pencils and Ink on 8.5×11 paper

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Space Slinky

In the color-absorbent shadow of space, adventure beckoned in all forms. It was that beckoning which lured two young travelers into the cosmos. Despite the constant life-ending dangers lurking around every corner, Jocko and Sally lived long, adventurous lives. 448 more words