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Octopus Love

After reading this article about octopus intelligence, I’ve become a bit obsessed with learning about these fantastically alien little creatures. This weekend I was just doodling around to let off steam and had some fun exploring the textures and forms of tentacles, which I found make a really fun subject to draw! 28 more words



The Small Starfighter Building Contest on Flickr has generated some novel and creative solutions to fitting a minifig scale spaceship into 14x14x6 studs. We’ve already covered… 103 more words


My Many-Tentacled Space-Squid God Hates You And That Is Okay By Me

I have a God with whom I have a deep and personal relationship. The many-armed space-squid who is my God flows through this universe, devouring life, munching through whole cultures, civilisations, small planets, believing utterly in the survival of the mightiest, which is He. 1,884 more words

Can't stop ripping out eyeballs in Tentacles: Enter the Mind

It really seems like the Windows 8 phone just lumps a bunch of freemium games together and publishes them all closely together in one big spurt. 739 more words


Tokyo Nostalgia

On a plane back from Europe last week I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s new show ‘Parts Unknown’ that looked at Tokyo. Two thoughts crossed my mind: a) The man’s liver must have its own zip code and b) *SIGH* Oh how I miss thee Japan. 1,151 more words