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For the Record


Please, Honey, don’t run away.
I swear I can explain.

Tentacles are more useful than thumbs.
Really, they’re not so strange.
Think of pachyderms; 75 more words


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*Tentacle Unfurling Intensifies*

Good evening everyone. We just thought we would let everyone know that we have another tentacle in the pie over at Reddit now too. So, if you’re a Redditor, feel free to follow us from your home turf.


We're Starting to Unfurl the Tentacles

This is more of a PSA than anything. Some of you may have noticed already, but we’ve begun to expand our tentacled reach across the internet. 36 more words


Lost Dog Creek

Once the creek froze solid for the winter, all the small square-headed dogs were lured across it by some sort of subsonic siren song.


“Oh, look! He’s going for it!” one of a group of young men gathered near a wall says.

“Do you think he’ll eat it?” another asks. 390 more words

Sundews: drosera

Proving that there was some reason to this little series of insectivorous plants we come to sundews – drosera. Despite being relatively unfamiliar to most gardeners these little plants are found on every continent apart from Antarctica although there are only a handful of species from North America and from Europe and it is largely a Southern Hemisphere genus with half the species coming from Australia and many more from South Africa and South America, though not west of the Andes and they are absent from Equatorial regions. 378 more words

Freaky Plants