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Scary tentacles

I’ve been thinking about tentacles this week. More specifically, cephalopods like the octopus or squid. Cephalopods feature prominently in some of my favorite movies: Ed Wood, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea… 217 more words


More Tentacles

I watched you turn your suntan to the hot creek of summer
And listened as sea monsters clicked in empty nests
The brown winter rye whispered on my naked thighs… 70 more words

Look at his tentacles!

‘He’ was, in fact, a lobster. She meant his antennae things.

A Few New Things

I have learned a few new things in the past couple weeks. First I learned that snails have eyes, and their eyes are on their tentacles. 128 more words


Part 3 - System Re-boot

Natural equilibrium restored…….

Part 3 – System Re-boot http://bucketoftentacles.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/part-3-system-reboot.mp3

One day

No one

will be left

To know

We were

ever here

As the

last brick… 64 more words