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The Cato Institute on Nullification

I enjoy much of the work done by the Cato Institute. I have recently been able to visit their facility and enjoy lectures by experts in different policy areas and the classical liberal tradition. 635 more words


Tenth Amendment Center, Ron Paul on Hobby Lobby ruling

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels less than elated about the Hobby Lobby ruling. Former congressman Ron Paul, as well as the Tenth Amendment Center, which promotes the use of nullification against unconstitutional federal actions, share the same reservations.

Constitutional Law And Courts

Why are Greenpeace and the EFF working with extremists who want to nullify welfare programs and the EPA?

Today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) added a new weapon to its arsenal in the fight against mass surveillance by the NSA: A 135-foot-long thermal airship… 758 more words


VIDEO: Blimp flies over NSA's Utah Data Center to protest 'illegal mass surveillance program'

BLUFFDALE, Utah — A group of activists from a coalition of environmental, privacy and anti-spying organizations flew a blimp over the NSA’s massive Utah Data Center in protest over allegations of domestic spying. 338 more words


Nullification? The Experts Weigh In

As I go around trying to be a Paulette Revere by discussing the possibility of using Article V to have a convention of the states, I inevitably run into friends and neighbors who have been turned against it by groups like the John Birch Society or more reputible web sites such as the Eagle Forum. 1,527 more words

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