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The Legend of Korra Episode Review: 4x08 "Remembrances"

The Legend of Korra delivers an executive-mandated clip show this week. While “Remembrances” doesn’t do anything to further the plot, clever commentary and humor elevate the otherwise recycled moments into something that doesn’t detract too terribly from the series. 661 more words


Encountering "Enemy At The Gates"

“Enemy At The Gates” picks up where the last episode of Legend of Korra left off, with Kuvira’s army preparing to lay siege to Zaofu.  Suyin and company attempt to escape, and plans are made to contact the United Republic to gain assistance, but it may already be too late.   1,677 more words


Legend of Korra S4E2: Korra Alone

By Josh Axelrod

Well…that was sad. We knew Korra was in a bad place, but seeing how she got there was relentlessly depressing. At least we got a bright stop at the end with my favorite “Legend of Korra” cameo from “The Last Airbender” thus far. 632 more words

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Legend of Korra S4E1: Balance

By Josh Axelrod

Well, that was a quick turnaround. Book Three of “Legend of Korra” ended slightly over a month ago, and yet we’re already on Book Four. 735 more words

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