Zombie apocalypse fiction - Ruth's story #108 Second meeting with Adventists continued #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI

Brenda places warm wooly socks carded from dog fur upon the table. I have never heard of using dog fur before to knit socks. The Adventists have Australian shepherds, Malamutes, and Huskys. 1,657 more words


We Are Sheep - an intro and word about The Sleepwalkers

So much of the world and specifically America is asleep. Sure, we as individuals are conscious and moving about through our days, but we’re unaware and disbelieving of the forces that are working against us while likewise using us as sacrificial lambs to achieve a larger purpose; an evil purpose. 447 more words


SHTF Weapon(s) of Choice

So, the balloon has gone up and you are not prepared as well as you would have liked to have been… things look grim about 200 miles away and problems may be headed in your direction. 23 more words

2nd Amendment


But you guys probably still need to take precautions so you need to Enter Now ▶http://bit.ly/1frz3LN to win a Fabulous Underground Bunker!


Zombie apocalypse fiction - Ruth's story #104 Troubles with sex, Adventists, horses, weather and cannibals #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF

All of the clouds reflect sunlight further cooling the earth. The increase in clouds results, in the near continuous precipitation. The rain has a metallic ozone smell to it increased by the presence of the frequent cobalt blue lighting. 1,993 more words


Act Now to Ensure You Have Food Security for your Family!

In our recent contest, I asked a question of the people who entered and it was, “What aspect of prepping would you like to learn more about?” The answers were all across the spectrum of prepping but quickly one topic rose to the top in terms of the number of requests and that was Food Storage. 1,863 more words


Freedom and Guns go hand in hand

Imagine for a moment… if we as American citizens had no access to firearms, what would our lives be like? Perish the thought! Thankfully, that idea has not become reality-yet. 97 more words

2nd Amendment