“Mommy, I didn't go for the kill shot. I just got him in the leg"

What follows is an excerpt from Eyes Pried Open, the sequel to my novel The Sleepwalkers.  It involves a tense exchange between Cheryl Seagraves and precocious five-year old Elaine Brown, who has become Cheryl’s daughter by default for want of a better term.   538 more words


Darkness then Transformation

His YouTube videos were posted on what was called The Black Mask Channel – and while that title was as apt as it was direct, his messages could be best described as cryptic.   321 more words


To Barter or Not To Barter? That is the question.

Emma’s Take:

Bartering is a wonderful concept. People who have goods or services they are willing to trade for the goods or services they need. No money changes hands but, done correctly, everyone ends up with what they need at a fair “price.” Brilliant! 910 more words


Emergency Preparedness- What's in my Bug Out Bag and Emergency Preparedness Kit?

Hi everyone! I’m back after almost a year off! My blog posts came to a halt after getting pregnant with baby boy number two and I wasn’t feeling so well. 1,778 more words


Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #123 More aftermath of the battle on the farm #SHTF #TEOTWAWKI

Doc and Jeff glance momentarily at each other as if to decide who speaks first. Doc speaks first.

“We’ve got 12 KIA, mostly perimeter guards and Scouts at the SARBOO. 1,646 more words

Zombie Apocalypse

Journal Entry # 6

We had planted some corn in the summer, hoping for an early fall harvest. It was a corn that I was familiar with but hadn’t tried before. 822 more words


Oh, you're just going to come to my place when SHTF, huh?

You might want to read this first.

Eventually, you will hear this “joking” remark by those you decide to talk to about preparing for emergency situations. 68 more words