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NYC Police Do Not Know How 2 White Flags Were Placed On Top Of The Brooklyn Bridge Because They Are Too Busy Killing People For Selling Loose Cigarettes

What an EFFIN joke…so my taxes pay for police to kill a man for selling “LOOSE” cigarettes (probably at 50 cents a cigarette) whose family will now sue NEW YORK CITY for 10s of MILLIONS of DOLLARS…so that I will have TO PAY even higher TAXES in my NEAR future..Even worse and MORE insulting is the fact that SOMEONE and/or SOME PEOPLE were able to climb on top of the BROOKLYN BRIDGE and replace 2 AMERICAN FLAGS  with 2 WHITE FLAGS….and the POLICE do NOT have the SLIGHTEST clue as to how THIS happened. 729 more words

The Very Model Of A Modern Citizen Politician?

Dan Byles, the Conservative MP notable for holding the party’s most marginal seat (North Warwickshire, majority of 54 votes) has announced his intention to stand down at the 2015 general election. 817 more words



Manila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) –  Contrary to  widespread public perception, Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino has a Ferdinand E. Marcos-like brilliant mind, capable of authoring a grand design that could lead to his becoming a lifetime head of state. 238 more words


King Solomon on Dogged Voters Malady  

What would the wise King Solomon think about voting for leaders as we now do in the USA instead of leaders being appointed by Kings?

King Solomon

Two Cheers for a Constitutional Convention

The convention approach has never been tried — at least not since 1787. The Founders made the process incredibly difficult: It takes two thirds of the states to call for a convention, and then once the convention has agreed on amendments, three quarters of the state legislatures must vote for ratification.

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How to Control Federal Spending II. A General Approach

“Life’s tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late”

Benjamin Franklin, 1706 – 1790

The above chart from the  Congressional Budget Office’s latest budget forecast “ 409 more words

Jack Heidel

Va. Legislators Debate Between Seniority Versus Term Limits

November’s upcoming election has highlighted the debate over seniority versus new blood in Congress.

Virginia’s congressional delegation will lose 69 years due to the retirements of the delegation’s dean Rep. 275 more words