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Just hold on - it's nearly over

I don’t want this blog to turn into a chore, so I haven’t been forcing myself to update it even when I think that I ought to. 338 more words

Casual Use Of Term Ptsd

I am so frustrated at the term PTSD and flashbacks thrown around casually. Specifically at the moment a sibling who says he has symptoms of PTSD hanging on after a hospitalization. 71 more words

Music’s Amazing Effect on Long-Term Memory and Mental Abilities In General

Professional musicians show superior long-term memory compared with non-musicians, a new study finds.

Their brains are also capable of much faster neural responses in key areas of the brain related to decision-making, memory and attention. 298 more words


Finish the Term Strong: Redux

This post is all about suggestions for student success. As a former Undergraduate Advisor and an instructor, I am supportive of student success. I have one more week in the term and due date are looming, but I realize that many of my colleagues have one to two more months left. 407 more words


Unbiased, “Plain English” Transportation Terminology

By Dom Nozzi

Ian Lockwood, a transportation engineer, prepared a report for West Palm Beach Florida in the 1990s that identified biases inherent in some of the transportation language commonly used today for transportation projects.  1,945 more words


The Power of a TEAM

 Become a Leader

Below is a one-of-a-kind video by one of the greatest TEAM Building Leaders in America. A hero that attacked the largest industry in the world and won! 91 more words


5. Unravelling the Weave of Time

What with the week?

the Seven Day Circle by Eviatar Zerubavel is the essential book about the 7-day week. It’s out of print, but you may come across it at the library or online. 469 more words