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The princess fights for her life.

I was a late bloomer , actually very late. I was very introverted in my early teens and read an entire new book every day. I also came down with a life threatening illness that affected my right side of face to the point I just avoided mirrors from 12-15yrs of age. 307 more words


Shitfest 3000

Quoted from Schmidt of New Girl)

We’re nearing the end, and everything hurts.

Really fucking hard to stay positive right now.

I put up photos and cards from friends and family today (long overdue). 150 more words


Charting the Road Ahead and Sharing Your Map: An Overview of Advanced Health Care Directives

We have heard of stories—likely urban legends—of people who were undergoing surgery or a procedure and their anesthesia did not quite work. The story goes that these individuals found themselves in a semi-alert state but could not communicate. 949 more words

Advanced Directive

What Patrick Taught Me


By Diane CunninghamI first met Patrick fresh out of nursing school. While in school, I always had my instructors and other nurses to ask any questions of or offer support, and did very well. 1,894 more words

Why I'm Not Religious

I will put this as simply as I can: I am not religious. In fact, when I’m called “religious”, it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me, I stop immediately in my tracks as if I’ve just received the worst insult in the world, and I think “Is that really what you think of me??” Yes, I go to church. 534 more words

"It's another adventure"

He looks forward to it, calls it another adventure.


He views dying in the same way that he has lived his life: one experience after another. 134 more words


Feel the quality...

Endgame – the realities of dying of cancer in a country that forbids Assisted Dying

Most of the people who oppose Assisted Dying talk about ‘quality of life’ and how this can be achieved by good palliative care. 261 more words

Mortality And Assisted Dying