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Misoprostol - Leading Medicine For Avoiding Pregnancy

Misoprostol has been an excellent option in order to terminate the progress of pregnancy & this drug device has to be utilized in combination with another medicinal product which has been termed as mifeprex. 101 more words

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Abortion Pill Pack for the safe and successful end of pregnancy

This a complete Abortion Pill Pack for the protected and successful end of pregnancy, comprise of Misoprostol, Mifepristone, Antiemeting, Antiinflametry, and Blood coagulant Pills, Which offers opportunity to utilize the Abortion Pack with all insurance and Safety. 292 more words


UK organisations and others send message of solidarity to Ireland

In the light of the recent case in Ireland (Miss Y) – in which a woman was subjected to multiple violations of her body and rights, amounting to cruel and degrading treatment, including refusal of abortion despite the risk of death, forced hydration, and coerced Caesarean section – we support calls in Ireland for the Government to repeal the 8th Amendment and to replace the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act with a law that prioritises women’s health and rights. 491 more words