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Scary Halloween Bug & Pest Stories

Halloween is a great time for scaring people with all forms of creepy, crawly critters. We love to hang fake bats from the chandeliers, and put giant inflatable spiders on the front lawn to scare trick-or-treaters. 1,048 more words

Termite- Soil Treatment for Foundations

This termite treatment consists in treating the soil under the building and around the foundations with some chemical emulsion which can kill or repell termites… 194 more words

Termite Treatment

Termite – Soil Treatment under Floor

Cracks in floors are the weak spots which permit entry of termites from soil below the floor. The cracks usually occur at the junction of the floor and walls, expansion joints in floor and at construction joints in a concrete floor. 101 more words

Termite Treatment

Termite treatment for Wood

Wood work which is badly damaged by termites should be replaced by new timber which is adequately brushed or dipped in oil or kerosene based chemical emulsion. 67 more words

Termite Treatment

Its best to prevent pests from entering your house than to suffer its consequences

We all know that pests are detrimental to humans and plants and over the years a lot of technical advancement has been made to eradicate these organisms. 450 more words


Offering safe and Eco friendly termite treatment in Sydney at really affordable prices.

Over time we often notice that our furniture and other valuables are completely destroyed and is barely usable. Most of the times we fail to identify the reason behind these incidents and assume it’s just because of effects of time. 449 more words