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The 411 on Natural Hair Lingo

Big Chop/BC: When you decide to go natural and you shave all of your hair off, ready for a fresh start. (A bold and brave move) 524 more words


University Jargon Buster!

As someone applying for university it can be a bit confusing with all the new terminology and ‘jargon’ that people can use. Sometimes it’s a bit like people are talking another language and you’re not quite familiar with it yet! 316 more words


Five Deadly Terms

Ok fellas….   we have all been there.  You are having a great time with your significant other, you are out with friends, laughs are abundant, your and your lady are having fun flirting with each other… the day couldn’t get better!   552 more words

Terms You Don't Know (But Should) Related to the LGBT Community

By:  Sherrigoodlove

Updated 16:36 PM EDT, Fri October 24, 2014

It wasn’t long ago that the world was baffled at the notion that a man could love another man or woman love another woman.

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Facebook- Playing By Their Rules Matters

As many people well know, at the moment this is Facebook’s world and we are simply living in it.  Realising this is the first step to using it as a digital marketing tool.   581 more words

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Unusual Terms in Family History

The link below is to an article that looks at a number of unusual terms you may come across in family history.

For more visit: 7 more words


Photography - Framing

Framing is of course another of the key tools in a photographers tool kit. While no framing is exactly wrong there are a number of conventions that have been established that I would believe allow for a ‘better’ photograph. 628 more words