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Redefining “Transgender” Or, “How I got rid of the asterisk in "Trans*”

This is going to be a really short article. People are using “Trans*” to include Genderqueer/Non-Binary people because the term “Transgender” is outdated and is defined as “A person who identifies as the gender opposite to the one of their birth”, which doesn’t acknowledge people who identify as a gender which is neither male nor female. 69 more words


League Of Legends – Terms That Players Use In Chat

It’s hard to coordinate with other players when you don’t know what they’re talking about. So read the following terms (and the other posts here on this site), and play better with your team! 339 more words

League Of Legends

League Of Legends: General Terms You MUST Know

As you would expect of a game that’s as popular as League Of Legends, the community of players / gamers has its own lingo that they use in-game and when talking to other players. 283 more words

League Of Legends

coming to terms

Coming to terms often includes term limits.


Import and Export Policies

India’s import and export system is governed by the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act of 1992 and India’s Export Import (EXIM) Policy. Imports and exports of all goods are free, except for the items regulated by the EXIM policy or any other law currently in force. 1,553 more words


18 Aug - Back To School

Back to school is right around the corner. Are you ready for another school year?

I’ve always been fascinated by the US school terms. The concept of having an entire 3 month break over summer is truly quite remarkable.

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Writing Challenge

Retire On Your Own Terms

Half of All Americans Are Forced to Retire Unexpectedly
Strategies To Retire On Your Own Terms

Half of all Americans — 49% to be specific — are forced to retire unexpectedly. 17 more words