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En 11- Symbolism & The Doll's House

DEEP THOUGHT DISCUSSION: Does our society encourage us towards wealth, status, popularity, and conspicuous consumption as a sign of success rather than other indicators?  Do you want to be rich?  167 more words

Investment Property In Australia - The Low Down

An explanation of the various terms and strategies used by Australians when buying an investment property. great place to start getting your head around investing

Eng12- "Hills Like White Elephants"

Hemingway-Hills Like White Elephants NOTES
Hills Like White Elephants the story

Today we’ll look at how to read a story… some serious strategies for improving reading comprehension and literary analysis, including:  why a highlighter is your best friend, elements of fiction (story terms), author context & background, how to infer meaning, and putting it all back together into a coherent literary analysis. 213 more words

~*GemStone TerMS*~

Cabochon: Usually for ring or pendant settings, commonly tumbled with a flat and unfaceted side that goes into the setting.

Luster: The stones appearance due to light being reflected off of its surface. 73 more words


10 Musical Terms Worship Leaders & Worship Teams Should Understand

As worship leaders and as church musicians we can often get a bad rap for not having the best understanding of different musical concepts.  Even being labeled “amateurs” or “not real musicians”.   1,140 more words


Discussion of Glossary of terms related to Spy Surveillance Technology :

Cell Phone Spy Phone Tracking and Monitoring Software comes with its own unique vocabulary.
Terminology that are standard include:
Address book – The Address Book, or Contact List is the database in a cell phone that stores most often called numbers including the name (often the…

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Spy Phone Tracking and Monitoring Techical Terms:

Mobile Phone Spy Phone Surveillance Software has its own particular terminology.
Some common phrases include:
Address book – The Address Book, or Contact List is the data base in a cell phone that keeps most usually dialed numbers together with the name (often the nickname), phone…

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