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Logical Gal - speaking causes confusion

Words are meant to clarify….often they confuse or divide!

Last time we mentioned that even the name/personage of Jesus was unclear by itself.  Saying you  374 more words


Questions of identity

While we are on the issue of stability. No identity can remain fixed and stable. Any perspective informed by modern continental philosophy (a term coined by one of my Sally’s heroes) cannot fail to see any… 682 more words


Being a Dick

My name is Woodcock. This fact did not make much difference to me until my rural one-room schoolhouse closed, after I finished the sixth grade. From then on, I had to ride the schoolbus to a public school in a nearby town. 1,310 more words

Logical Gal asks: Will you go to heaven?

God does NOT want you to be in the dark about whether you will be with Him eternally.

John writes this assurance  to believers : 566 more words


Laser Scanning Terms

Laser Scanning Terminology

A handy list of Scanning terms.

3D Laser Scanning: The process of graphically capturing the current condition of an object or area in order to establish a 3D digital representation of that object or site. 898 more words

Laser Scanning

8 photography terms that commonly confuse beginners

While photography is certainly an artistic endeavor, the tools are heavily rooted in optics and physics, and the jargon isn’t always entirely clear. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most common points of confusion for beginning photographers. 1,020 more words