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ahhh, my eczema is acting up again.

the weather’s been very crazy lately, switching back and forth between cold winds and the heat wave from hell. 185 more words

Dear Diary

Holobionts and Superorganisms (2)

Having a symbiosis of diverse individuals that can utilize diverse sources of nutrient energy and fight deadly elements confers survival flexibility despite environmental flux. In 1906, San Francisco survived a massive earthquake and fire that destroyed most of its structures because its human bionts stayed and worked to reconstruct it. 541 more words


Final Fantasy Progress End of January

So this is where it gets hard, now I’ve hit end game and by that I mean I finished the story I kicked Ultima Weapons ass and now I’m having to grind out things to move on. 692 more words


What is Guru Status and How to Use it!

Wondering what guru status is and how to use? I m going to speak in terms of sales and marketing in business. This concept may apply to other areas of life where an individual begins to act in a certain way to gain social posture. 144 more words

Terms 1

Business Process:

Process defines how we and our applications get work done.

Business Process Management Suite:

BPMSs allow for the direct execution of business processes. 242 more words


Gaming Terms 101

So it’s come to my attention that most people don’t know much about gaming, and it’s true. After all, the stereotypical gamer is hunched over locked in a room with the lights off while eating his feeling with Doritos and Mountain Dew. 484 more words