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TV Tuesdays: Terra Nova

It’s highly irritating when you know that a programme was cancelled after the first season, and you decide to watch it anyway. I am now suffering an emotional backlash akin to somebody dying in one of my favourite books. 750 more words

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Gear Review: Terra Nova Zephyros 1 Lite - first impressions

As a childhood camper and a backpacker, I’ve used several different tents over the years, but have only recently started paying attention to specifications and types – I’d usually use what was available, and for the last few years my go to tent has been a 3+ kg Gelert Ridgeback 2 man tent. 1,018 more words


Photo Archive: Captain Scott Antarctic Memorial, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, July 2012.

The Captain Scott Antarctic Memorial is a very striking sculpture by Cardiff based sculptor, Jonathan Williams and is well worth the walk around Cardiff Bay (however miserable the weather). 94 more words


Continuum: S1, E1 "A Stitch in Time"

It’s time for a new television show and this time I’ve chosen Continuum, a Canadian show about a time traveling group of bandits and the law enforcement officer trying to bring them back to the future before they alter too many things in the past. 786 more words

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Terra Nova: S1, E13 "Resistance"

Going into this final episode of the first and only season of Terra Nova I have a lot on my mind about the show. I’ve enjoyed the show quite a bit up to this point and I’m a little bit sad that I don’t get any more episodes beyond this one. 610 more words

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Testing Terra Nova Voyager XL Tent

We spent a considerable time researching for the ideal touring tent for our purposes and read many other cycle tourers equipment lists and they all varied from small tents for one person to fairly heavy large tents. 66 more words

Terra Nova: S1, E12 "Occupation"

Occupation is the second-to-last episode of the season so I’m expecting there to be a decent number of big moments by the time I’m done watching. 754 more words

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