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the terracotta warriors of Xi'an

Xi’an located in China’s north west had been hiding one of the biggest world wonders for more than 2000 years and it had only been discovered by accident in 1974 when farmers were digging for water. 148 more words


Xian, Day 8, Part One – Xian: Old City Wall (and more)

Before leaving for the day’s tour, I exchanged $100.00 Canadian to 547 Yuan and paid no commission. A Bank of China specific area was set up at the reception desk. 559 more words


One Day Sightseeing in Xian

I had a guide and a driver for me alone the full day in Xian. Luxury.
I was picked up at 9am at the train station and went straight to the terra cotta warrior site 1h drive + 45m stucked in traffic. 131 more words


Xi'an│Terracotta Warriors Adventure, July 2012

Besides traveling to natural scenery, I also love visiting UNESCO heritage sites. While one is captivated by the cultural and historic places, we also learn more in-depth about her history. 1,064 more words


China - Xi'an - Terracotta Warriors

To put it simply, the Army of the Terracotta Warriors is just mind boggling insane.

It is everything you ever dreamed it would be, plus so much more that you never thought it would. 671 more words


Xi'an to Pingyao: into the smog

Our train arrived into Xi’an a bit later than we expected and our bikes much later as they didn’t turn up until the  next day.  In Xi’an the main thing we had to do was apply for renewals for our visas; we weren’t sure how this was going to go due to the amount of rumour and hearsay around the process. 1,914 more words


Terracotta War Comes to the Heartland

Here’s something we never thought we’d see visiting the American Midwest: real Terracotta Warriors, straight out of the world-famous Shaanxi province collection. They seemed a fascinating thing, but we were surprised that their current caretakers would allow the collection to be split up. 489 more words