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Deadzone - Even More Advertising!

Above and beyond the posters I’d added previously I wanted to add something that looked a little more official, which is where Antenocitis Workshops Medium Advertising Boards came in… 70 more words

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Flocking Time

Unfortunately the local hobby shop is pretty much just selling Games Workshops overpriced flock containers…though they do have a rather nice thing of Army Painter tufts that I might use for something else later on. 160 more words


Terrain creation by displacement

The most important issue when creating an organic 3d mesh is to obtain a regular easy to handle mesh for modeling proposes. A very useful technique is to displace a regular mesh using a gray-scale depth map. 147 more words

3ds Max

Works in Progress from the Shed: Buildings, Ships and Conversions.

A few pics of things that I am working on…

Given that I got all three building at 50% of RRP I’m quite pleased with them. 281 more words

Crypt of the Damned - a Soul Shattering Tutorial Part II

The undead were diligent and not only completed a degree in interior design, but also branched out into botanics! In Part I of this tutorial we created the basic layout of the Crypt of the Damned module consisting of the rock walls, rough-hewn stone and dirt floor. 1,598 more words

Dungeon Crawl

Slow week at the Woolshed (WIP report)

I have only ‘finished’ one item this week – a building. Needed to do something other than painting miniatures so decided to make a few more… 154 more words


Deadzone - Air Filtration Units &Barricades Complete!

The next batch of Antenocitis Workshop scenery is done and another layer of character added to the Deadzone Board :)

The barricades I wanted to stand out a bit and after having a search on google thought they would look great with hazard stripes. 65 more words

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