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Production Update #7: Halfway!

The wheel keeps on turning. It took me a while to tally up all the production from the last couple weeks, but I’m happy to announce that I’m now past the halfway point in casting! 284 more words


Destroyed Buildings

This was my first attempt at destroyed buildings after a long hiatus in gaming. I built these out of foamcore, pva glue, craft paints, sand & gravel. 55 more words


Dragon's Teeth

Dragon’s Teeth were used by Axis and Allied Forces to deter the movement of tanks and armored vehicles in certain areas. I’m building these terrain pieces to drop in on my table while playing DUST Tactics & Warfare. 23 more words


Project : Normandy Terrain boards stage 1

I have been making small bits of terrain for some time and recently

a lot of Western front WW2 type stuff. Unfortunately I have an… 394 more words


Welcome to Gamer's Terrain!

Hi! Welcome to Gamer’s Terrain. Join me as we create inexpensive, eye-catching terrain to dress up any Wargaming, Skirmish, or RPG Tabletop game. We’ll use readily available products, found & recycled items, glue, craft paint and a craft knife. 59 more words


Dead Body Objectives

I needed some markers to represent dead bodies that some characters had to rummage around in during the Get to the Chopper! game recently, so I quickly painted these a week or so beforehand. 78 more words


How to make realistic wargaming trees - Project Birch

Wargaming terrain without the one or other tree would be quite boring, after all we try to recreate natural surroundings for our games and even in the driest desert some form of tree will dwell. 1,136 more words