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Trench Warfare! Part 2............................

The other day I finished the master for my HMG trench section and made the mold from RTV silicon, and left it overnight to set. Then yesterday I removed the master from the mold and did some test pieces, then this morning I cleaned all the parts up with my bench mounted belt sander. 47 more words



i finished 2 pieces of terrain today

Finished Projects

Novus Design Studios Scatter Terrain - Update 2

I finished the first of the pieces of resin scatter terrain I picked up, turning it into an objective marker that can be used by Cerci Speed Circuit (Relic Knights).  40 more words


All Quite Terrain Part 2........................

The other day I came across some of the Flames of War “battlefield in a box” range of roads in my local game store they only had the “cobblestone” version but I was interested in finding out more about the “rural” roads. 265 more words


Project : Normandy terrain boards stage 8.

Sorry if you thought I was done but I needed

another two boards. Specifically I wanted a

river/stream, a bridge, trenches and just a bit… 196 more words



As I went to bed last night I had a warm glow knowing that my AQOTMF Wave 2 was on its way, however that changed this morning when I read an e-mail from Kickstarter about Aliens Vs Predator which was as follows… 538 more words


Terrain Data from Shapfile Contours

So, you downloaded some terrain and you ended up with an ESRI Shapefile that contains contours and you want to add that to your model as terrain. 537 more words