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You Learn Something New Every Day (well sort of)...............

I have been collecting and painting models for nearly 25 years and have learnt many different techniques, when I first started words like dry-brushing and washes were all alien to me. 350 more words


Urban Battlezones..................................

I have just spent the last 40 mins putting together a Dead zone building. Now I have had these models since before Christmas as part of my kick starter package. 479 more words


Entangled - Overgrown stone floor bases

Working on the Crypt module there was a surplus of roots, rough-hewn stone tiles and moss mixture, so I decided to make good use of the materials and created five matching bases. 326 more words

Dungeon Crawl

Māori attack on the homestead

The peace of Atkinson’s Farm, somewhere in the back-blocks of colonial New Zealand, is suddenly disturbed by blood-curdling yells as a party of Māori warriors descend on the farmhouse.   294 more words

Colonial New Zealand Wars

Terraining Day 08 - Foam Core Terrain Take 1

Lately I’ve been craving a Skirmish level game.  I looked at Infinity and Malifaux and neither one appealed to me.  I stumbled upon MERCS right around the time their… 102 more words


Production Update #1

My apologies for not posting an update sooner after the campaign finished, but as you might understand I was rather busy :D

I’ve decided to repost production updates from the campaign here, so that anyone interested who isn’t a backer can still find them easily (plus, this blog is supposed to be about the hobby-related stuff I’m up to, and I’d say this qualifies…) 229 more words


The Road So Far


So after about a week of designing and constructing terrain This is what I have built (*picture below*)

It should be noted that with 3d maps it is important to make pieces of varying altitudes to give sense of depth which is what separates 3d from 2d…also more than one access point to said terrain is also important, many of my earlier non-modular maps had issues with one side having clear terrain advantage by having easier access to elevated terrain. 105 more words