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Terrarium Experiment

Today was a beautiful day for a walk to the lake. We went round looking at the houses, the nature, the water and the plants. It was a relaxed walk without too many encounters as today is a day to be spent with the family. 427 more words


Feeling a little inspired.

I’m beginning to really love the terrarium planting idea so me and Michelle took a trip to the Sunday markets to begin my little project. 149 more words



I desperately want one….but am not sure where to begin. I guess I need a large glass case to start…and some moss :)

DIY Terrarium

Terrarium: a garden under glass

Well, mine aren’t technically under glass but I love this look. I want more plants in my house but I don’t trust the kids to not destroy them if they are at eye level, so I like this look because it is safe from little hands. 192 more words


Cara Membuat Terarium / Terrarium

Halo :)

Mungkin kamu sedang mencari-cari informasi di internet mengenai terarium dan langkah pembuatannya. Lalu kamu nyasar di blog amatiran dan ngga jelas ini, sabar ya! 887 more words

Cara Membuat Terrarium

Caution: Cacti CAN hurt you.

Things I’ve never been good at keeping alive:
1. Goldfish
2. Love
3. Anything that photosynthesizes.

Terrariums might be God’s gift to those with a thumb that’s just about every color except green. 160 more words


DIY: Cactus Terrarium

Terrariums are the coolest but honestly i have no idea how kids on youtube vids make it look so easy! I watched and read a few DIYs before i attempted my own, but omigad, it was way more difficult than i envisioned. 418 more words