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Dagobah Terrarium

Quick school holiday activity here.

Ingredients: a small glass container from the thrift store $1.   Yoda action figure.   Potting mix.   A fern.  Some ground cover. Combine and make Star Wars enthusiast son very happy.   6 more words

Terrariums in Felt

We know you’ve been waiting for the debut of our beautiful terrariums.  Enchanted kingdoms of felt succulents, plants, flowers, and an occasional toadstool or dragonfly, our terrariums come in three sizes: small ($15), medium ($25), and large ($35). 165 more words

this is 21 {week six}

This week was chock full of crafting, partially courtesy of Darby Smart, which comes highly recommended:

I also did some more calligraphy (obviously):

And (at long last) hung some pictures on my boring, white, college dorm walls: 85 more words


Green & Concrete

Well, as Paris seems to have some trouble in choosing between letting us wrap in warm fuzzy coats, or keeping us in an Indian summer… In that time of the year when each day is a different season, my head is filled with a range of different desires : cold concrete stuffs and tropical creations stand side by side. 27 more words

Nü - Lifestyle

Things, they are a' growin'


…is no more.

When I first got the terrarium, the “dormant” moss that came in the kit seemed a bit beyond “dormant”. It was brown. 188 more words

Just Life

Weekly Projects and Terrarium 2.0

I’ve been exploring and experimenting with several different activities recently, some new to me and some old, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I would greatly benefit from setting up some sort of schedule. 375 more words

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