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Today at 365 I did nutrition bingo, I learned a potato can be called a tuber! I made a monthly goal to work on my jumping jacks. 12 more words

The Joy of Discovery

Traveling for me brings the joy of discovery – the joy that comes from experiencing new cultures, and of meeting new people and learning of their stories.  165 more words

Stonycreek Brands

Individuality & Connectedness

It is graduation time! In my home, we are celebrating two major milestones. Sarah, my older daughter, is completing college and, not without trepidation, entering the “real world.” Rachel, my baby, is graduating from high school and is off to college. 154 more words

Stonycreek Brands

7/29/14 Day 46 – Moorhead, MN to Hitterdal, MN – 36 miles

It was time for us to move on. We had enjoyed our stay in Moorhead with Terri and Griffin, but we had a deadline and it was barely more than a month away. 1,151 more words

7/27 and 7/28/14 Days 44 and 45 – Moorhead, MN rest days – 0 miles

Yes! A rest day! Since we had covered so many miles the day before, we felt we had really earned this time off. Our general plan for the day was to go to Mass, and do as many of the following as possible: massages, pedicures, haircuts, bike maintenance, blogging, update finance records, and buy groceries to make Terri dinner. 1,267 more words

More Characters Able To Visit Krustyland!

Three additional characters are now able to visit Krustyland but in order for that to happen, you’ll have to do a few things first.

The new characters able to visit are: 48 more words