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Odio le attese… Trasformano la farfalla che hai nello stomaco in un pipistrello…

Magari… Almeno una volta nella vita… Il pipistrello se ne andrà e ritornerà la farfalla… 11 more words


110 E 23rd St. New York, NY 10010 • (212) 674-2229organiqueonline.com

I’ve only ordered from here, so this review excludes service and decor. 169 more words


Redemption: New Storyline Following Blind Salvation


Luther awoke to the blurry vision of the chamber of a gun pointed millimeters away from his face. The last thing he remembered was the cave of Kinatara collapsing around him after he was zapped by a werewolf before he jettisoned himself to where he is now: on the couch. 638 more words


Terri O'Connell Low Net Champion with a 62!

January 6th was the SWGC Low Net Play Off Tournament.  I played with my co-winner of last November, Terri O’Connell.  To say she was on fire was an understatement.  69 more words

A funny, old week so far.

It’s been a funny, old week. It was a Teacher Training Day on Monday, then I went back to school on Tuesday (which has been just as crazy as before regardless of all my prep work! 219 more words


Today I started 365 by playing exercise UNO! My favorite part was when I drew a green card and we did cat/cow. That’s my favorite yoga pose! 69 more words