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The Most Disturbing Thing I Have Ever Seen

Even though I have seen countless films and have traveled through some of the darkest and most disturbing nether regions of the internet, there still remain moments when I am shocked out of my desensitized shell and genuinely and profoundly and utterly repulsed. 46 more words


Tanner Reviews The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (3/20/2014)

Let’s talk about Nazi Exploitation films. Movies that use the mere existence of Nazis in order to fuel the appeal to watch their film. While most of these films have several sexual overtones, this is not always the case. 1,185 more words


Manhattan: A Date Movie Review

Part of this blog is reviewing films for the purpose of date night movies for you and your significant other. This review follows one such film. 1,205 more words

OSCAR WEEK: 'Philomena' one of the worst films ever nominated for Best Pic

  • Philomena
  • Directed by Stephen Frears
  • Written by Steve Coogan
  • Produced by Steve Coogan
  • A Production of BBC Films et al