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Bells and Whistles and Squirrels

It’s the time of year when there are plenty of squirrels around, especially as this autumn is so warm. The little furries are collecting as much food as possible to store up to last them through the winter, as a result they’re on the ground a lot more than at other times of the year. 621 more words

Adventures in Photography: Random Dog Pictures

This is a mix of photos taken by me and my girlfriend. Our dog Tea is the star of this one. I’m still learning all the manual settings on the camera so hopefully you guys see improvements!

Andre C Griffiths

and here's a realestate puppy

we want you to buy our house, and to do that we’re going to prominently feature our dog in the home listing


Introducing Daisy

Daisy is the latest addition to our family. She is a Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz, which translates as Analucian wine cellar ratter. Several hundred years ago English wine merchants settling in the sherry making region of Spain brought with them white terriers which were crossed with local breeds and used to control vermin in the wineries. 71 more words

Sniffs a'hoy!

Well hello my furry friends!

I have had another super day at the beach! This new life of mine is ruddy brilliant! So many fabulous sniffs and smells, and adventures, (albeit in a car which makes me very queasy!)  The car journeys are always worth it in the end thought! 452 more words

Terrier Adventures

Daisy goes to Kerry

Off to the beach In North Kerry today , Beautiful Banna,a blue flag beach it’s near Ardfert .I love it this time of year ..perfect for a run with Daisy.

Time for a nap now!

Memories of a friend

Today I am making a number of prints and this will be one of them, a much loved and missed family friend, our Airedale terrier Bob.

Photography Tips