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‘Vulnerable to Becoming a Terrorist’? Giving up on Radicalisation Policy

What happens when policymakers and practitioners frame militancy as the consequence of psychological and social vulnerability, instead of a political choice? Is radicalisation really a quasi-medical phenomenon coming from exposure to extremist material, or it is a reaction to political injustice? 676 more words

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The Westgate Mall attack: One year later, no less senseless or devastating

It was Saturday, 21 September 2013, and I had just finished presenting the midday bulletin at our Nairobi studios when I read the first tweets about an apparent armed robbery taking place at Westgate shopping mall, across town. 892 more words


India's NSA Ajit "Dynamic" Doval & the Internal Security Apparatus

The Modi government is expected to give more attention to internal security.

He is expected to take some bold initiatives in setting up stronger counter-terrorism structure. 175 more words


Beheading the Labor Party

Rant by Emmjay

It was tense at the Pig’s Arms this week with the news that the AFP and NSW coppers had saved one or two of our random population from suffering the fate of those unfortunate and now deceased westerners in the wrong place at the wrong time – anywhere in the Middle East. 634 more words


Inky-Pinky-Ponky ... father IS a donkey!

For those who are not following news or have lost interest or have been left confused by conflicting news on concurrent days, this is basically same as saying “We are not stupid…we are really that stupid.” 177 more words


America's Beacon

People want to know how America can best handle affairs in the world; they rightfully want to know how best to manage threats such as ISIS and what level of involvement we should deliver. 216 more words

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