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Thinking Aloud: Better Late than Never

Oct. 20,  2014 by Darius 

Last night, as the battle for the town of Kobani in Syria continued, the US airdropped supplies to the defenders of the town.  389 more words

Thinking Aloud

As Ebola Spreads, ISIS Rallies Pandemic to Its Cause

(Washington, DC) – As Ebola hysteria grips the United States, the scope and facts about the disease become less clear by the hour. Over the past few weeks, hospitals and medical institutes have consistently lied to the American public. 647 more words


Police in Pakistan Torture a Christian Family Because Their Son Married a Muslim Girl

Pakistan police torture a Christian boy.
Editorial preface: Slight grammatical modifications were made in this article to improve the flow for the reader.  All changes were grammatical in nature, while maintaining the integrity of the original author’s intent.  
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An exponential approach to peace?

While the information-based world is now moving exponentially, our organizational structures are still very linear (especially larger and older ones)…

We’ve learned how to scale technology… Now it’s time to scale the organization: strategy, structure, processes, culture, KPIs, people and systems…

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Obama admits there are setbacks in ISIS fight

Obama went in way over his head on this one…..he’s not a leader, and doesn’t know squat, as to what to do. On Tuesday, Obama admitted that his coalition has been met with setbacks with the battle with ISIS. 544 more words

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