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Executive Orders to Start the Next Administration

On day one of the next administration lets have the president first and as his primary job start with putting back some sound laws.   Obama reinstated the secret service protection for life for past presidents.  131 more words


Turnkey Terror(ism): Creating terrorism to fight terrorism

Marti Oakley             Copyright 2014   All Rights Reserved


“State terrorism can be useful, if a perceived enemy, contrived or real, can be blamed for something. A decided public perception can thus be cultivated and massaged or shaped, as well as fear that permits the state to act in the way it desires–though highly objectionable otherwise– to alleviate the perceived threat” James Hufferd, “Troublesome Country”

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Marti Oakley

Collateral Damage: There Is No Safe Place For Palestinians

United Nations Human Rights Chief says that Israel may be Guilty of War Crimes.

Gaza is a prison city surrounded by walls that do not allow its residents to evacuate to safe places. 789 more words

United Nations

Michigan 1 Of 10 States On Government's List Of Potential Terrorist Targets

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – Congressional investigators say the government is underestimating the threat of a chemical attack in 10 states —  including Michigan — and has failed to inspect virtually all of the chemical facilities that it considers particularly vulnerable to terrorists. 746 more words


The worrying thing about Uighurs

Anyone living is China will no doubt have heard about a worrying number of attacks by knife wielding gangs of Uighurs, but perhaps they may not understand what is going on or why.   1,658 more words


The Emerging Global Threat Landscape

By Rohan Gunaratna


The global threat landscape this year will be shaped by the impending withdrawal of US-led coalition forces from Afghanistan. Jihadists will seek to extend their activities in Central and West Asia as well as North Africa, compounded by the uprisings in the Middle East. 1,021 more words