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Wertfrei Wednesday: Depression and Suicide

The Month of August ‘Wertfrei Wednesday’ posts were going to be about returning to school issues facing Mom’s, Dads, undergraduate and post graduate education. With the very public discovery and reporting of Robin Williams’ suicide, we can’t help but discuss the correlation. 267 more words


History: Nixon-Watergate--Those Tapes.....

It may have been the biggest scandal involving a President–and ultimately–his taping of conversations at the White House that would be his downfall. Do you know when we first heard of Watergate? 91 more words


My First AA Meetings and Getting Ready to Race

3 nights ago was my first AA meeting and it was a moving experience. It’s tough to describe. My therapist told me to check one out before our next session, so I looked on-line to see what was available in Cheyenne. 1,229 more words

The Cannonball Run (1981)

Out of all the classic movies I end up watching this is my favorite by far… which is weird ’cause I’m one of them there people that is scared of traffic and aren’t to happy about people that drink and drive like lunatics. 255 more words