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Ehlich Odr's (1792) The Ghrü: Observations On A New & Curious Phenomenon [Volume 1]

NOTE: this is Volume I of what is left of Ehlich Odr’s (1792) text; the remaining volumes will follow. For a fuller explanation of the deletions by the current edition’s editor, see… 1,342 more words

Social Interventions

Ehlich Odr's (1792) The Ghrü: Observations On A New & Curious Phenomenon [Preface by the Editor]


Ehlich Odr’s (1792) Observations on A New & Curious Phenomenon by now most certainly occupies that most questionable of intellectual positions: “of historical interest only.” It was both sooner and later thoroughly surpassed by other amateur work, like Brüxzel’s (1805) 1,942 more words

Social Interventions

A return to Marx? Eagleton, Harvey, and Jameson have an idea or two…

Eagleton takes issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with. 102 more words

Aquinas' materialism

Terry Eagleton on Aquinas in LRB:

Like Marx, Aquinas got into hot water with the authorities for being a materialist. It was not that he held the boring view that there is nothing but matter. 343 more words

Thomas Aquinas

Literary Theory: An Introduction by Terry Eagleton

(Originally re-read February 7th 2008 for a graduate class. Posted originally written 2008.)

The book serves as an historical overview of all the major literary theories up until 1983 when the original edition was published. 2,749 more words

What Went Wrong with British Literature?

I had two powerful reactions to Terry Eagleton’s introduction to the major authors of British Literature, The English Novel.

I loved the wry insights scattered throughout his survey of Defoe, Dickens, Woolf, and Joyce, and I felt troubled and amazed by his final thesis: that the English novel went into decline after World War II — that everything produced since Virginia Woolf stepped into the water, her pockets filled with stones, has not only been… 778 more words

On Writing