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“Psychoanalysis the science of that which fails to find satisfaction, of our perverse resistance to the very possibility of happiness. ..There is that in our libido which is fundamentally askew to our well-being.. 15 more words

Terry Eagleton

“like those who planned the death camps in Germany,..the demonic..detest the sheer fact of existence, symbolized for them in their Jewish, homosexual and other victims, because it reminds them of their own unbearable non-being.” – Terry Eagleton

Terry Eagleton

Review of Terry Eagleton: Was Jesus a Revolutionary?

Chris Murray reviews Terry Eagleton’s appearance at Durham Book Festival at which the leading literary scholar and cultural theorist examined the politics of the New Testament. 666 more words

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“the genuine lover is not she who instructs another in the nature of his good, but she who is herself the ground of it.” – Terry Eagleton


Matthew Mullins: Is God Surely Dead? | Between The Times

In his new book Culture and the Death of God, Terry Eagleton claims that God is not nearly as dead as many believe. Despite many attempts to kill Him off, the Almighty remains a resilient presence in contemporary culture. 75 more words

Passion, politics and personal hygiene in Brazil

Today is a big day in Brazil. More than 100 million people will toddle along to their local polling station to cast their precious electronic vote. 1,168 more words