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"God in Pain: Inversions of Apocalypse" (Slavoj Zizek & Boris Gunjevic)

God in Pain: Inversions of the Apocalypse

Slavoj Žižek and Boris Gunjević

A brilliant dissection and reconstruction of the three major faith-based systems of belief in the world today, from one of the world’s most articulate intellectuals, Slavoj Zizek, in conversation with Croatian philosopher Boris Gunjevic. 463 more words

Literature & Poetry

“A..void at the core of our symbolic schemata..is the ruin of all..sense-making. ..The rumble of sheer meaninglessness..echoes within our articulate speech.” – terry eagleton

Terry Eagleton

Book Review: Why Marx was Right by Terry Eagleton

The end of the Cold War initiated a decade of triumphalism in the West. Liberal capitalism had defeated Soviet Communism and with it, in suitably Hegelian fashion, history itself was declared finished. 1,285 more words


Terry Eagleton on the label 'evil'

‘It is true that morality has been often enough a way of ducking hard political questions by reducing them to the personal. In the so-called war against terrorism, for example, the word “evil” really means: Don’t look for a political explanation. 199 more words


Unnaturally obsessed with bicycles

The Third Policeman, by Irish writer Flann O’Brien (or Brian O’Nolan, who wrote under pseudonyms partly because of his work as an Irish civil servant), is certainly a strange book, and as Terry Eagleton points out, the strangeness of the events within are somewhat at odds with the tone of the writing. 372 more words