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Maeve Louise Heaney, "Theological Aesthetics in Contemporary Theology"

[O]nly revelation can set the standards for beauty. – Maeve Louise Heaney, Music As Theology: What Music Says About The Word, p.195

Of all the concepts we westerners have dragged along through the centuries, few are as misunderstood, contested, and relegated to the irrational and even incomprehensible as “beauty”.  

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On Today's Youth

Terry Eagleton – After Theory

Whilst reading After Theory by Terry Eagleton, I felt cornered and pictured him as a patronizing lecturing great-grandpa – certainly intelligent, witty and well read, but extremely patronising. 382 more words


A first year in blogging; a retrospective

This blog was created by me twelve months ago. Re-reading the posts now, they cover some diverse oddities: boxing, nail polish and Dada, the First World War, excrement, post-war Paris bebop, burnt manuscripts and the severed head of a regicide, a urinal, Hitler’s bath and Leica cameras. 817 more words


From the drafts folder: Terry Eagleton on Thomas Aquinas

As I’ve said before, Terry Eagleton seems to have a better understanding of theology than many Christians. He also has an affinity with Dominicans that is as strong as his aversion to the “New Atheists”. 837 more words


Culture and the Death of God. Terry Eagleton. An Atheist and Secular Critique.

Review Article. Culture and the Death of God. Terry Eagleton. Yale University Press. 2014.


And who or what shall fill his place?

Whither will wanderers turn distracted eyes… 3,059 more words

European Left

The Poetry Hive

It’s odd how you can have a bee in your brain for years that it is better to read the poems before you read the poet’s life.  1,021 more words


Terry Eagleton on Faith and Reason

While I’m posting past lectures, I thought I’d like to share another. Back in 2008 Terry Eagleton delivered Yale University’s Terry Lectures, which Eagleton used to assess the rise of the New Atheist movement. 74 more words