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Durham Book Festival 2014

From politics to poetry, and fiction to feminism, there’s something for everyone at this year’s Durham Book Festival, which brings over 70 writers to the city from 6th to 18th October. 545 more words


BOOK REVIEWS/REPLIES (2014): Terry Eagleton’s (1984) The Function of Criticism


I want you to understand something. I wrote this for you. I wrote this for you and only you, even though I don’t know you or don’t know you’re looking. 1,424 more words

Book Reviews

BOOK REVIEWS (2014): J.M. Ellis’s (1984) Against Deconstruction

Framing/Background for Replies

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Two years ago in 2012, I set myself the task to read at least ten pages per day; last year, I did so. 2,267 more words

Book Reviews

Walter Benjamin's Secular Theology Of History

Each act of commodity exchange is at once uniquely differentiated and a monotonous replaying of the same old story.  The epitome of the commodity is thus the cult of fashion, in which the familiar returns with some slight variation, the very old and the very new caught up together in some oxymoronic logic of identity-in-difference.  

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Christian Faith

Ehlich Odr's (1792) The Ghrü: Observations On A New & Curious Phenomenon [Volume 1]

NOTE: this is Volume I of what is left of Ehlich Odr’s (1792) text; the remaining volumes will follow. For a fuller explanation of the deletions by the current edition’s editor, see… 1,342 more words

Social Interventions

Ehlich Odr's (1792) The Ghrü: Observations On A New & Curious Phenomenon [Preface by the Editor]


Ehlich Odr’s (1792) Observations on A New & Curious Phenomenon by now most certainly occupies that most questionable of intellectual positions: “of historical interest only.” It was both sooner and later thoroughly surpassed by other amateur work, like Brüxzel’s (1805) 1,942 more words

Social Interventions

A return to Marx? Eagleton, Harvey, and Jameson have an idea or two…

Eagleton takes issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with. 102 more words