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Stealth Class Warfare: A Marxist Critique of Dishonored

Introduction: this is a paper I wrote for a class, which will explain its relative lack of tigerly finesse, that certain indecipherable dash of special I add to all the work I publish here. 2,136 more words


The Anglo-Catholic Socialists v. The Oxford Movement

Some note for an upcoming research project on the Anglo-Catholic Socialist movement. 

In a London Review of Books article, Terry Eagleton nicely summarizes the Anglo-Catholic Socialist critique of the Oxford movement: 191 more words

Terry Eagleton

Terry Eagleton, A Very Short Introduction: The Meaning of Life (Conclusion)

The assumption that the meaning of life is primarily an individual affair is still alive and well. Julian Baggini writes that “the search for meaning is essentially personal,” involving “the power and responsibility to discover and in part determine meaning for ourselves.” John Cottingham speaks of a meaningful life as “one in which the individual is engaged… in genuinely worthwhile activities that reflect his or her rational choice as an autonomous agent.” None of this is false. 852 more words


Alain Badiou Renounces his Maoist Past.

Alain Badiou: I was wrong, innit?

“The Greatest Philosopher since Plato and St Ignatius of Loyola”, as Terry Eagleton calls him, Alain Badiou, a dapper gent, wears his 132 years well. 215 more words

French Left

Quote: Terry Eagleton

“After all, if you do not resist the apparently inevitable, you will never know how inevitable the inevitable was.”

― Terry Eagleton

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Small mammals and celebrities

Another six months, another Terry Eagleton book… But who can wait to read it? Not me.

Culture and the Death of God continues Eagleton’s recent crusade against ignorance of post Enlightenment intellectual history (and subsequent wrong-headed assumptions about religion and its claims). 246 more words