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The Keys of Marinus - Season One, Story 5

WhOddysseus Says:

Episode 1 Sea of Death 2 minutes 31 seconds

I can just imagine some prop person desperately trying to pull the string evenly during the close up of the sub arriving on shore. 3,208 more words

James Chapman's Top Ten Classic Doctor Who Stories: The Daleks

James Chapman’s Top Ten Classic Doctor Who Stories
3. ‘The Daleks’

BBC. 7 episodes: 21 December 1963-1 February 1964.

Starring William Hartnell as ‘Dr Who’, William Russell as Ian Chesterton, Jacqueline Hill as Barbara Wright and Carole Ann Ford as Susan. 2,755 more words

Doctor Who

Cult TV Essentials: Blake's 7

Blake’s 7 was a British science fiction television series produced by the BBC for broadcast on BBC1 between 1978 and 1981. It consisted of four 13-episode series. 284 more words

Cult TV

The Beginning

       Doctor Who’s origins start in 1963, when new BBC Head Of Drama Sydney Newman was looking for a new show to bridge the gap in the television schedule between Juke Box Jury and Grandstand. 267 more words

Doctor Who

Solitair Watches Classic Doctor Who 1x21-26: The Keys of Marinus

On these episodes of Doctor Who, the show tries a welcome structural experiment. 847 more words

Classic Doctor Who